"I remember when my friend insisted to show me this amazing place, I was a little bit hesitated as we need to be in Marsala and it was about 2.5 hours drive away. But then we decided to just pop by this place. And wow! It's a love at first sight for me! Although the way up to the white wall was so scary for me. But every single drop of sweat paid off well. (Yes, I was shaking and sweating and nearly cried while walking on top of the white wall)."  Ching from Malesya 

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I have found my corner of paradise in Sicily. I spent only a week there, and it is definitely not enough for discovering all the magic of the island. From what I saw, I was amazed by the antique beauty of Taormina, by the clear blue water of Lipari, by the magical view from the top of the volcano of the island of Vulcano and much much more. The natural beauty, the warm-hearted people and the special atmosphere of Sicily created memories for a lifetime for me. It is definitely a place to return." Maja from Latvia

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" Sicily gives you a feeling, a feeling of living in harmony with nature, that feeling when you discover landscapes and those amazing places you have never seen before. the food, the sea, the nature itself, those Sicilian people make you fall in love with this place so you always want to come back!" Diana from Russia

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" Sicily delights in diversity, blends of tradition, culture, history with the problems of contemporary world. The busy streets filled with tourists, and next to them are secluded corners for people looking for peace and tranquility. Lovely beaches, fragrant restaurants, the best ice cream in the world.The atmosphere is filled with blends of espresso and latte under the fuming Etna. Fantastic place!" Dominika from Poland




"My "Italian story" started in 2013 when I came to Sicily for a vocation for the first time. I fall in love immediately.
In two weeks I visited a lot of cities such as Catania, Taormina, Palermo, Siracusa, Messina... I have even been on top of the volcano Etna - experience which really impressed me a lot.
Cosy streets, crystal clear sea, stunning nature, tasty food and friendly people: that's what I found in Sicily. Perfect place which everyone should visit at least once in their life and place, where I want to come back again and again!
" Svetlana from Russia

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"Oh my god. Where am I? That traffic, the crowds, help?!? But after a few days I adapted the traffic and the city of Catania. Get used to it, and started to enjoy it. Around Catania, the nature is so beautiful. Acitrezza, the black beach and of course Etna! The vulcano landscape of the Etna, wow!!! Unbelievable that we were walking on a vulcano that is in eruption (and even saw it at night!) That colours, that landscape. Wow!

But not only nature, also smaller cities like Siracusa and Taormina, they are worth to visited. I enjoyed my visit of Sicily and I'm coming back for sure to discover more!" Annemarie from Sicily

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"Sicily was different than Finland, such a beautiful island! There are many different places in Sicily: Catania, Taormina & Isola Bella and each of them are lovely and magic places!" Hanna from Finland

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"Sicily is one of the best place in the world. It is good food, beautiful nature, great history, nice sea and very lovely people. I had a lot of pleasure to stay here in my holiday" Liska from Russia

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"My travel was perfect! I was in Sicily almost 15 days and travel around different cities. Sicilian people are so helpful and cheerful. Your food are delicious and sea… perfect sea" Hande from Turkey


"This is my first time in Sicily. I must say that Sicily has its charm. Amazing hilltops villages, Mount Etna is simply breathtaking, landscape is surreal. I explored Sicily on my road bike. I wish I could have more time, because so much more is still to see and explore. For sure I WILL BE BACK. " Anja from Slovenia

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"Sicily is one of those rare places where time seems to have frozen a 100 years ago, so much history and natural beauty combined into one island. It seems almost not real at times!" Lesya from UK & Ross from Moldova

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"What do you like most about Sicily? The answer on my side is absolutely the people i got know. those locals who made my trip more memorable then anywhere else on earth.

What makes Sicily beautiful?The variate of nature, the culture merged with the old city." Gyuri from Hungary


"Ogni giorno in questa terra vivo esperienze diverse. E' un'isola di mare, un mare che è di tutti anche se non è nato accanto a lui. E' un'isola di persone calde come il sole d'estate, di meraviglie e beni culturali che ci rimandano al passato.Purtroppo la Sicilia è ricordata in primis per atti che non ci fanno onore: manca il lavoro e la gente studia per poi andare a vivere e lavorare al nord o all'estero. Però direi che un po’ tutto il nostro Paese è messo male e ci sarebbe davvero poco da snobbare." Olena from Ukraine

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"I think if you want to "travel" Sicily you need to spend one month, for experience their life maybe you need to spend your whole life and I'm the second one. Before to arrive, I keeped asking my friends which place I should have canceled but in the end I visited almost every tourist place and my suggestion is no place should be canceled. I will definitely be back and next time I don't know how long I will stay there...maybe the rest of my life." Hsiang Wei from Taiwan

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"Sicily is beautiful and Isola Bella is one of my favourite spots in the world. Sicily has a lot to offer from beautiful landscapes, great nightlife and fantastic food". Sarita from Australia


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"Me and Sicily have a strange relationship. When I came it was cold and rainy, but the longer I have been there, the more warmth I recieved. And I'm not talking about the weather now. It's the social warmth, the warmth in the beautiful views, when your eyes are filled with such a bliss, that even the rain seems to smile." Paulina from Poland

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"Why do you love Sicily?"

"It's a long story but, shortly, I can say Sicily is the island of love. Here I've found the source of love: love to myself, love to people, love to life. In only three words: sun, sea, love! It is not about love between men and women, it is about love to life" Olga from Russia


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"I don't miss Sicily because I still feel that I am there. With any doubt Sicily is like that paradise where you never leave." Chevuk from Mexico


"When I first told my friends that I am going to Sicily in winter time, they said it is low season and I would not have fun. However; I fell in love with the nature, the Mediterranean and Aegean spirit that I belong to. It was quiet, natural, unforced, historic and lovely. I felt purified and out of stress. It was a nice little break for me full of nice memories." Sevi from Turkey


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"Summer summer!:) an unusual island, the most sympathetic people, extraordinary color of the sea, delicious food and wine, sun! It's Sicily!" Hanna from Belarus

"I really think that God made Sicily and he did the rest of the world! Sicily is simply the paradise...I had the best summer ever and I could make a lifetime friendship because Italian people are simply the best!!! You will definetly live the Italian culture in Sicily...don't miss this opportunity! Every day I say thanks to GOD for this amazing trip because I had the opportunity to live: "La nostra bella Italia”. Every hour, every minut, every second, it worths to live it! Sleeping? Just a bit." Flavia from Florianopolis, Brazil

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"Sicily is a wonderful place to enjoy two weeks or even a month. I have spent a month and a half there. I have been eating the best dishes in the world, visiting exciting places such as Taormina, Catania and Siracusa during this time. If you want to forget about all problems and just try "Dolce Vita", Sicily will be a great choice for you." Kirill from Moscow, Russia


"It was experiencing such new things and perspectives on life, that I really fell in love with Sicily. I stopped viewing Catania and its black stone as dirty, but as a proud symbol of the fiery Etna volcano that rumbles nearby and of the fire and passion that really lives inside these people. The owners of local cafes, bars, even the gym and the dry cleaners, as well as almost every person I spoke to was always so interested in where I was from and how I ended up there. I absorbed a lot more Italian by talking with these people and felt overwhelming warmth and hospitality from them which is what I will remember from my time in Sicily." Lindsey from Canada

"What makes Mount Etna unique in the world?"
"Etna stands out among the volcanoes on this planet for the wide range of phenomena and eruptive products, frequent activities, always different from time to time with new elements never before seen in precedence. So, Etna is extraordinary." Boris, a german volcanologist who is living in Etna for 30 years

"When did you come to Siciy?"
"I had a chance to be in Sicily winter 2012, and what an amazing place to be."
"What impressed you the most?"
"Wherever you go, it's simply the unique beauty of the Italian architecture and the delightful smell of the expresso. Food is just like heaven, and people there are friendly. It's easy, you will never regret it being there, you''ll come back for sure." Rahma from Tunisia

"I left Poland in winter and at the same time Sicily greeted me in spring. I visited different 17 countries in my life, but I have never lived in a similiar amazing island!Paulina from Poland

"Il Mare. La Terra. Il Cielo. Il Fuoco. La Neve. Tutto si tiene per mano e si mischia in 20 chilometri di segreto turbamento, avvolgendo i sensi in un percorso che non concede ripensamenti. Ti succede di perderti, di non capire più perché arrivasti qui. Ma qui dove? Tra le vette del mondo o nel pieno del calore mediterraneo. I riferimenti sono troppi: il profumo delle pinete, dei vigneti e dei funghi porcini, di neve fresca e salsedine, di olio abbronzante e cucina casereccia, di nord e di sud insieme, di Grecia e di Roma, di Cristo, di Islam, stuzzicano la fantasia mentre ancora non hai compreso come sia possibile. Come faccia tutto a stare insieme. Dove altrove esiste questo intreccio a portata di mano. La bellezza delle donne. L'onestà degli uomini quando conoscendoli ti accorgi dell'amore sconfinato, ma sempre trattenuto, che provano per il loro tesoro. Per il loro territorio. Nulla viene sfruttato come si dovrebbe forse, quanto si potrebbe. Vorresti si facesse di più, e più alla svelta, in ogni campo del turismo, ma i pochi giorni qui ti lasciano il dubbio che sia meglio così. Che opere e ricchezze naturali tanto uniche nel mondo occidentale possano essere ancora solo tue, per una una volta, in una notte soltanto. La notte dei desideri. Grazie Sicilia." Cesare Cremonini

"Sicily is like eating an entire of chocolate liqueurs in one go" Alisa from Russia

"I spent 6 weeks in Catania. It was probably the best experience in my life. Definitely a place to see and feel. Don't hesitate, go to Sicily, taste same beautiful food, hang out with friendly locals and just enjoy your time. 
Do not miss Taormina, Isola Bella, and of course, you must try Fuoco del Etna drink! I am sure that Sicily will always be in my heart." Nemanja from Serbia

"When you walk away from Sicily, when the plane takes off, you're not leaving a place, you're leaving a lifestyle. A way of life that made you happier." Elena from Macedonia

“Sicily has truly everything. The food is fantastic, the climate is excellent, people are very friendly and its late baroque city centre is one of the finest I've seen. My expectations were really low when I got there but I'm now definitely in love with this land and everything it has.” Joanna from USA


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"Sicily combines everything! Perfect night life, helpful citizens, great beaches and of course the famous volcano Etna! The ideal place for tourism all the year!" Savvas from Greece

"One must stand in the mile long sand bar under a blue sky and a gentle breeze, where the Ioanian sea meets and embraces the Mediterranean sea to really appreciate why Sicilians are so proud, friendly and eager to welcome travelers. They have so much natural beauty and they want to share with the curios at hear." Nancy from Argentina

"Sicily is like a tropical paradise set in the crumbling facade of history.The most unique thing I found on Sicily was the surfing culture I didn't know existed before I arrived!" Natalie from USA

"To be honest, I was expecting a lot from Sicily and I'm very happy to admit that my expectations were exceeded! Everything about the island is really unique, the culture, the food, the people, the atmoshpere... I've grown to love Sicily and I can't wait to come back." Aleksandar from Belgrade, Serbia

"Old traditions, warm sunsets, beautiful people, amazing food...you can find it all in Sicily!" Olesya from Kiev,Ukraine

"If you should define Sicily with a metaphor, how would you define it?"
"I guess I would say it's like a drug! Because at the beginning you know something about it but you don't know many people who have tried it, later you find the dealer - someone from there who's always telling you good things about it so you kinda want to try it, later you decide to try it and you get totally hooked up.
It's so beautiful, everybody around you is so friendly and smiling, people offer you stuff, people take you to different places.
It's a total trip! And then you leave it and you get depressed and you want more of it." Agata from Wroclaw, Poland

“How can you describe your experience in Sicily?”
I do not have words to explain how wonderful was my time in Sicily. Great people, perfect nature, night life in every corner. I had perfect time there. I will return soon. Miss you Sicily and my Sicilian friends.” Mishka from Tbilisi, Georgia

"What was something left you speechless?"
"First, you can ski on a volcano! Second, some of the beaches are made from lava!" Sonya from Mexico 

“What’s something you never believed about Sicily until you experienced it?”
"I did not expect or never believed until I got to Sicily that it is such a cross-roads of ancient civilisations -- the Greek, the Phoenician, Carthagians, and you even have the footprint of the Templars all over Sicily. The seafood is certainly the best in the world I've ever come across -- it must be the ocean water around Sicily! I can't believe for such a stunning landscape, steep in ancient history, so much diversity, and with very warm, friendly people. It is like one of those best kept secrets that need to be kept secret because I want to keep it all to myself!" Rona from Australia

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"What's the main answer people spend life seeking for?"
"For many people is "there's life after death"? Maybe nobody will never have the answer for this question. But during my experience in Sicily I got one conclusion about it, if there's really exist a paradise it definitively should looks like it. Beautiful beaches, green transparent water, the most friendly people ever, delicious food. Everything was so perfect that's still hard to believe I needed to go away!" Gustavo from Brazil

"Sicily is amazing, charming, beautiful place! And full of different impressions. Everyone can find what he likes: amazing sea, nice beaches, marvelous views, delicious food, old cities, friendly people." Tanya from Russia

"What was your exepctations about Sicily before coming?"
"Sicily was a place that I always wanted to visit so when I had this opportunity I didn't want to miss it. I'm glad that I did this trip because I had a great time there,I've seen a beautiful sea, unique Italian cities, I've tasted some delicious pastries and I met very nice and friendly people. 
Sicily made my days unforgettable and I really want to come back there again one day." Viorica from Chișinău, Moldovia

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"What kind of mix could Sicily be?"
"Sicily is a mixture of beautiful landscapes, extremely tasteful wine (and cheap!), awesome nightlife, fry rice balls (arancini), majestic Etna and of course cool and funny people. For sure, the best trip that I've ever made so far. " Bruno from San Paolo, Brazil

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What makes Sicily beautiful

We will walk around streets ...


We will walk around cities ...


We will walk around countries …


We will meet people and ...


We will ask if they’ve been in Sicily …


Then we will let them to share their                             

             Sicilian Experience!


"It's time to give you my conclusion for this adventurous journey in Sicily. I'm totally amazed by how different we are: the countless Roman relics, the astonishing Renaissance masterpieces, the breathtaking eruption of Mount Etna and above all the most interesting italian people. 
All of them are totally different from China in almost every way. But then, gradually I found out that what really amaze me is how similar we are: we, human beings, share the same emotions, the same desires and are connected in the same way.George from Yichang, China

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