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Author: Oskars L. (Latvia)

5th place

" A true love"

Author: Anna T. (Poland)

4th place


Author: Adriana O. (Italy)


"Nymph and Painter"

Author: Valentine F. (Switzerland)

"The World Through Her Eyes"

Author: Vivien S. (Germany)


Author: David P. (Spain)

We can't erase the past, but from it we can learn the lessons to build a better world. This photo, is my little homage to the final scene of Schindler's list, in which, the girl with the red coat appears, symbol of extermination and destruction. it is also the only element represented in color in the film to underline a tragedy that I hope will never be repeated in the future.

Author: Alessandro A. (Italy)

Author: Piotr G. (Poland)


Everyone has their own story. So please, don't judge. Just respect, and keep going. Your stories are waiting for You.

"Nymph and Painter"

Author: Valentine F. (Switzerland)

The nymph and the painter in his workshop. This is a photograph I have taken 2 years ago in the amazing workshop of my grandfather. He is 92 years old and come to his workshop in the old town every Wednesday to paint. A young woman come often to pose as a model for him and the others painters in the workshop. Trough times a nice friendship is borned between them. I asked them is I could catch this beautiful and precious moment and he told me he was more than happy to keep this memory on a photograph.

Author: Irene V. (Italy)

"The dreamers"

There is a place where the dreamers are used to go, everyone of them has a little space in the reality to see the sunset and the sunrise.

Author: Jenny B. (Germany)


Imagine a château somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a sunny summer day in Lothringen, France. While you are strolling through its beautiful garden you can hear laughter and music, you can see people dancing and playing boule, you smell the good food and the wine. You take a seat on a bench close to a little pond and enjoy the flowers everywhere around you. After a while, you walk up to the gardeners house to tell him that you admire his work. He is not there. He must have left the room but seems to be coming back soon. His jacket is hanging in the wardrobe, his shirt is hanging from a clothes line. A chair is standing close to a table at which he must have sat a few minutes ago. Slowly you realize the laughter is fading away, there are no people, there is no feast. The room is dark, only lit by the last incoming sunrays of the day. There is dust everywhere, the windows are broken, stones from the ceiling are lying around. It must have been 100 years ago that the gardener was here for the last time. Everything is decaying around you but you can still feel the echo of those glamorous times...

Author: Gabriella B. (Italy)

"Homeless woman"

This place hide the sadness of a solitary homless womNan, life, she's invisible, but the place screams her desperation.

Author: Maddalena M. (Italy)

"The prince on bike"

Once upon a time there was a prince who rode a red bicycle. 

When he found the girl of his dreams he would have liked to begin a lifelong journey  with her. It was his dream. 

Although the girl was in love with him, she couldn’t leave,  she was blocked by her fear. The prince would have saved her, but he couldn’t: she had to do it only by herself . He could only wait and support  her. 

The girl quickly realized that she was wasting time to live strongly, she was given up her happiness. So she gathered out  strength and she fought against her worry.  After failure, finally the girl fought and won for the first time in her life thanks to her willpower, she didn’t know to have, and to her prince’s support . 

She immediatly joined  her prince, they left on the red bicycle and  lived happily ever after.  

She carry on fighting her fear every day, but now she is stronger and she can win.

"Small things"

Author: Agata B. (Italy)

Mine is a story of simplicity, of the small things. The story I want to tell you is about those gesture that always seems so normal and common but underneath this surface they hide a deep and strong feeling. A gesture as simple as a daughter sitting on her dad lap while watching a street artist doing a show, is the definition of what family actually means: love so deep, constant, and unconditional that become common and granted.

"To be loved"

Love is not violence and intimidation. It's respect. To be loved, of that unconditional love that knows no brakes. A hug in the middle of people makes you feel safe and protected by "Your person".

Author: Martina G. (Italy)

"Lake Seydozero, Polar Circle, Russia"

The ancient Greeks believed in mysterious land named Hyperborea, located somewhere at the North. Inhabitants were close to gods and beloved by them. Songs, dances, music and feasts are what their life consists of. They never know any strife and death. Some authors believe that Hyperborea were located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Specifically near Lake Seydozero.

Author: Marina K. (Russia)

"Enjoy the present"

I remember how much I wanted to grow up fast. My child taught me to live the moment. Now I believe that “today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present

Author: Anamaria C. (Romania)

"Over the abyss"

And if one step divides us from the abyss ...

Author: Anna P. (Poland)


A strong character will always project his vision of life. A man's past and future could be captured in one moment in his presence. When I see the boy chasing the ball on the photo actually realize that only with a strong visualization, hard work and consistency a small boy as the kid on the left of the photo could become the successful and fortuned young man as the man on the right. Between the small child and the prosperous man, there is always a young teen, who needs to find his way in life, to fight for his better version and to believe that everything is possible.

Author: Sylwia K. (Poland)

"The desertion of love"

Author: Francesca M. (Italy)

The story of this photo is very simple, like every story of my every shot. I walk in a very quiet and I see something abandoned, the beauty of the waterfront, something wonderfully photogenic. I get excited to see that drawing of two people hand in hand, imagining the person in love eager to express their love.

"The stranger and his beauty"

In this photo, both with the choice of subjects, both with the choice of colors, I wanted to bring back the sense of total strangeness that pervades me in the moment in which my gaze meets scenes of everyday life of people unknown to me. I wanted to bring back the working routine of two strangers, making it, with the use of colors, melancholy, distant, unknowable, but precisely for this deeply fascinating.

Author: Laura P. (Italy)


You asked us to "tell you a story" with one picture .. when I saw the email I immediately thought "wow, a good challenge ... let's try"!


Telling a story with three or four photos is simple, but with one it starts to get a little problematic.


I started to browse through my albums looking for something that could be good and it was not easy at all.


I found good photos, aesthetically pleasing, correct exposure... but few who could tell something about themselves!


Then I focused on this picture ... And i saw a story of HOPE in this image.


HOPE of a person who goes to pray his God for a better fate, for better health and to thank him for all that he has had up to that moment.


The HOPE of two people to meet a gesture of humanity, the HOPE of feeling still alive despite the adversities of destiny.



Author: Adis B. (Italy)

men of the sea
they seek love
away from theirselves
awat from reason
men of the sea
they seek love
they will find it
3 miles away from the lighthouse
men of the sea
they seek love
in a stormy night
and they will find it,
near or far, who knows,
miles away
men of the sea
they seek love
they seek it far
but they do not know
to have it already
already inside the heart


"Leave me like you found me"

Author: Riccardo S. (Italy)


In a woodland, when the nature surprises us, a spontaneous smile lights up and reveals the harmony logic of our soul. 
This smile is spontaneous as much as the wonder of a little child in front of a large oak tree, it is a remembrance from the cloudy colors.


Author: Maria Grazia R. (Italy)

"Wish you were here"

"So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell?

Blue skies from pain?

Can you tell a green field

from a cold steel rail?

A smile from a veil? 

Do you think you can tell?"

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here


Author: Marcella P. (Italy)

"Our Secret"

Massimo is walking through the large square of the city while thinking of his own business, walking with his dogs. No one notices him and he’s fine with it. But then something draws his attention and I see him bending over himself, he is lowering to listen, even if those who speak use a different language. Many do not notice it and for many others it doesn't mean anything, but I think Massimo gave me a gift without realizing it, and I can only think about whether it is possible to hear an emotion.

Author: Rachele B. (Italy)

"Lost Bond"

Single shot belonging to the photographic project LOST BOND. This project stems from the need to tell the loss of a link. We all pass more or less beautiful moments in the course of our lives and the losses, however painful, are necessary to find each other. The project is realized through photographic composition, each of which is composed of five shots, which refer to classical iconography.

The moment of acceptance is immortalized, the awareness that the bond we had now is no longer there; it feels displaced. It is to realize, to let go of a piece of life.

Our eyes will initially rest on the main subject portrayed in a moment of intimacy, closed by the warmth of a hug, a simple gesture, but which has always helped mankind to find comfort.

Moving on, our gaze will slide between the shots below. In the four small square predellas we can see as many objects that express the relationship between the subject and the lost link. It is the portrait of a small piece of life

Author: Sara D. (Italy)

The photo is made in Cologne (Germany). In the glass sphere of the Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge where the trains run into the station. The Cologne Cathedral was built by 1248-1880. It is 157 m high. He has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. 



Author: Dominik G. (Germany)

"Hopeful Light"

Author: Salvador M. (Spain)


In this same place, I can imagine my ancestors. They enjoyed a lot these beaches but they also worked hard here. Sailors, captains, telegraphists, seamen that went all around the world with their ships. Thanks to them and the people who stayed here waiting them, today this is a village opened to people, opened to all who make it grow. And, even though this image seems so different, the sea will never forget its essence of serenity and peace.

Author: Maria L. (Spain)

"I would like to smile"

"I would like to smile at life where society forget sterotypes and trends.


I would like to live in a place where women may be free. Free to do, to think and to act.


I would work in a world where women decide to be scientists, engineers, courageous, art lovers or something they love.


I’m dreaming with all of that and smiling thinking that we will achieve it."

"Greek summer dawn"

Mussels are a very common delicacy in Greece, especially in the summer. For hygiene reasons there are also “mussel crops”, a small restricted area in the sea, to ensure that they will be safe to eat. There is such a crop at the small village where I go for vacation every year, a few meters from the shore. Once or twice every week the fishermen go and collect the mussels but of course this happens very early in the morning, at the dawn. For once, I was lucky to capture this moment, the moment that the small boat goes to the crop exactly when the sun comes out and the day starts.

Author: Martha P. (Greece)


And now bartender fill my glass put something quiet then come here to talk, so I already know that you have already understood that it happened to me, your bar counter has supported some people put in this state, tell me about the loves you have passed I will talk about mine that has just been born." (Articolo 31, Aria)

Author: Ugo P. (Italy)

"Into the Forest"

Author: Alessia G. (Italy)

"There is no kingdom like the forests. It is time I went there, went in silence, went alone. And maybe there I would learn at last what no act or art or power can teach me, what I have never learned." (Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore )

Author: Lavanya L. (India)

"The Next Ride"

In the unique forests of Sundarbans, the livelihood of its people is much dependent on these boats, as a mean of survival in those harsh conditions. Towards the end of the day, as the tide recedes, much of the land that was previously submerged, emerges. Many such boats get seemingly trapped awaiting for the water to rise back. Taken on such an occasion, the photograph is a view of the life led by the people inhabiting there. After the day’s hard work, boats are docked, tied securely and left for the night, as the villagers wait for the morning and the next journey to begin.


Author: Albrecht P. (Germany)

"Watering a rose in a different way"

Since many years I wished to be able to realize SUCH Pictures.
And it was very clear, that I've desided me for one of the costly and complex Genres in Photographie. Highspeed-Capturing, Flashsetting, Synchronizing time, working in darkness, as I mention not at last.
Countless tries and many years later, I become fitter meanwhile my knowledge about the technics and how to guide the light has been growing up.
And finaly 6 Roses and 47 Balloons has been necessary to FIX EXACTLY THIS MOMENT !!
Also nobody can imagine, how wet my room an for shure me myself has get.
So for me, a dream comes true!


Author: Andrea D. (Italy)

"No Racism"

I took this photo in Nichelino on the day when the "European Solidarity" event was held all over Europe, aimed at supporting the change of the Dublin Treaty; that day I had the pleasure of meeting the boys, my peers, asylum seekers in the town of Nichelino, together we built some small paper boats, the symbol of what is happening in recent years. This picture gives me many emotions, especially the fact that we talk about people, young people of my age who have traveled in desperate conditions with the hope of having a better future, a future like ours.

"The forgotten feet"

In the rush of arriving to our destination, on the way, we feel lost on reflections. We see shadows and not shapes, sometimes struggling into shades to define real colors. Are we the first stepping in this path? Hardly breathing, i don’t feel the feet… I can walk but my body doesn’t move. Let the shadow make the real journey then… 

Author: Sara D. (Albania)

"Fighting the climate change"

Fireman fighting the wildfires in California, while tourist drive through it to the see the sights.

Author: Oscar G. (Finland)

"Breaking Fences"

There once was a child that used to hide inside a bell jar, living the life that other people had decided for him, far away from their believes and passions. 
One day, everything changed, that child didn't want to be a prisoner anymore. He broke the fence and started a new life. 
Without fears. Without doubts. His life.

Author: Bruno S. (Spain)

Author: Lucia P. (Italy)

Author: Nina M. (Georgia)

The place where the River Mtkvari meets the River Aragvi... and here I'm, after 5 years of emigration, looking at The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Known as the burial site of Christ's mantle, Svetitskhoveli has long been one of the principal Georgian Orthodox churches and is among the most venerated places of worship in the region.The present structure was completed in 1029 by the medieval Georgian architect Arsukisdze. The original church was built in 4th century A.D. during the reign of Mirian III of Kartli(Iberia). St. Nino is said to have chosen the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers as the place of the first Georgian Church.

Author: Maria C. (Italy)

"The World Through Her Eyes"

Take life lightly, that lightness is not superficiality, but gliding on things from above, not having boulders on the heart ". On that journey I felt the lightness of life and love, which is not love if you do not feel like flying.


I think that if I had to represent the word "dream" in a picture my choice would certainly fall on this shot in London, in front of St Paul's Cathedral.

I first adore that Cathedral, I adore the Millenium Bridge and I love the Thames.

London is my favourite Dream.

Colors are a Dream, the light reflected in soap bubbles is a Dream.

Soap bubbles are often linked to children, and children know what it means to dream. Daydreaming.

And finally, Agnese, the girl you can see in the shot, is the greatest dreamer I know


"Above the city"

Child poverty in Thailand makes it difficult for children to remain in school. The parents do not have enough money, so the children have to support their family. It is common to see young children stay up until midnight, helping their families by selling food. The picture is the reflection of the daily life for many children. Behind her eyes you can see her fears and uncertainties, what the future holds.

Author: Vivien S. (Germany)


Far away from home I can’t forget my origins. The sound of the cicadas on summer afternoons, the taste of warm bread made by my grandmother, the barking of my dog when I arrived, the look of a child wishful to grow up.

Author: Ilaria V. (Italy)

"Life's wires"

It’s a hot day in the south of Italy, a young man tries to disentangle the wires of his life, completely absorbed in his thoughts. Old age is far away, it does not worry him. It sleeps in his own way, a little bit farther.

Author: Ilaria V. (Italy)

Author: David P. (Spain)


Disconnected from the


Of the


Night inverted.


White light

Is trying


Haunt me.




"Burmese Monk"

I took this photo during a stay in a small village in the north of Myanmar. After talking to the novice monks, all of who are under 18, they showed such interest with practicing their English that they started to be more comfortable around us and were willing to share stories of their experiences living there as well as wanting me to take photos of them. This particular monk was 17 and the low lighting in the building made a beautiful frame to capture this image.

Author: Jessica F. (UK)


For me photographing as its best, is trying to capture feelings and moments. This was a moment of true happiness and freedom, for me and my girl. No stress, no worries, not much responsabilities. Just enjoying the moment and feeling free surrounded by tons of warm sand under our feet and a soft breeze of wind on our face. The moment when we felt anything is possible!

Author: Tanja T.

"A world for two"

I called it “A world for two”.  Rain puddles looks like a window to somebody’s heart.

Author: Aleksandra S. (Estonia)

Author: Matteo B. (Italy)

" A true love"

This is portrait of my dog Tasman ​​with my daughter Amelia. My dog ​​is her best friend . He is her defense ,fun companion and the best cuddly. This is true love.

Author: Anna T. (Poland)

The picture is the representation of tomorrow .. behind the eyes of a child, you can see the perplexities, fears, uncertainties, what the future can expect ... and this insecurity leads us to hide behind a "stone". tight lips closed between the black and white of one's existenc ...

" Beyond the look"

" Distance"

Two people, apparently very different, very distant in their aspects and colors, but both of them love, smile and cry! It's not always possible to understand the human being, sometimes you are run over from the person that you face without being able to reach, some other time you react vehemently, only because the apperance seems so big. But, smile and cry! Everyone should understand it! 

Author: Eleana G. (Italy)

Author: Amalia D. (Italy)

I decided to participate with this photo because it is a bit of the story of my story because it speaks of a girl who can not express what she feels, that feels locked in an imaginary border but that is full of dreams, hopes and desire for to live, to travel and to know.

" Confinement"

Author: Monica D. (Italy)

These are the hands of a grandmother. They are hands that tell a whole life spent working, to raise 3 children in times when comfort did not exist. These are hands that even today, despite everything, are used to work to have a garden with flowers and to have a small vegetable garden, because as she says: "the things grown on their own have another flavor". These are hands at the end of the day resting on top of each other to rest and listen to the stories of their nephews.

" Grandmother' hands"

"Forward together forever "

Author: Antonella M. (Italy)

"Mal d'Africa" is thrilled in front of a short sunset knowing that the day after, however it will go, there will be another one apparently identical but with unprecedented nuances."

" Sunset in Kenya"

Author: Andrea P. (Argentina)

" The importance of being honest "

Andrea is an argentinian girl who lives in Italy since she was a child. She loves photography, reading And also loves sushi! But above all she loves her dog, Leone, a little poodle. This is her, honestly her, at 8.00 o clock i the morning in her room, with no make up, no fashionable clothes and no filters. Simply her.


Dreams are kept in a soap bubble that divides us from the reality we live in, where everyone become again children.  Rome that once again make us speechless!

Author: Agnese D. (Italy)


Author: Victoria K. (Russia)


It was hard day under hot sun and very long walking somewhere in the middle of the mountains. He was tired but he didn't want to stop, he wanted to go up, to reach the top and to see stunning views of the most beautiful landscapes of Tenerife island. Never lose your motivation to get the most wonderful things in this life.


Author: Teet R. (Estonia)


Northern part of Estonia has many leftovers from the former Soviet Army. These objects form a kind of net of military ruins "decorating" the most beautiful natural places. At the time nature swallows them all. That line once connected Suurupi Nuclear Submarine Base with the electricity and now resting on the sunset-red stones of the tranquil Suurupi bay.


"Permanent Power cut"

Author: Elisabetta M. (Italy)


Walking through Voltaggio, I came across a little old man. He was sitting close to the source of sulfurous water, the historical point of the village. The curious thing is that he’s looking at his phone. I know that now, it is a common subject, but even the smallest village have developed and its own old people have been influenced.

"Dao vêgio ao nêuvo"

Author: Martina P. (Slovakia)


You may call for peace as loudly as you wish, but where there is no brotherhood there can in the end be no peace... Always charmed by beauty of the National Park of Bavarian Forest and its lovely residents, photos of which I'm so happy to take.



Imagine living on the streets, no shelter from hot or cold weather, no food, no water available when you need.Imagine being sick, or injured.Imagine feeling helpless, having no one by your side.Imagine not having the chance to speak for yourself, because your language is not understood by anyone.

Imagine being invisible.

This happens to people everyday. This happens to animals, too.

There are thousands of little souls on the streets, abandoned, forgotten, just because they don't have human features.Thousands of little souls that scream in silence everyday, unnoticed, unheard, unknown. Thousands of voiceless that ask us for one thing only: to be the voice they've never had.

If you see an animal in need, just don't pass by, ever. For you it's a matter of time, for them it's a matter of Life.


Author: Stefania Maria V. (Italy)


Artificial feeding system with PEG system; in the background, a calendar with sacred images hanging roughly on an artificial flower; the white background is the frame. To preserve life we are attached to many things, but sometimes, at some point, we remain with a pipe and the last hope.

"The tube between science and consciousness."

Author: Pasquale  G. (Italy)


"If we imagine that this girl is taking her rabbit for a walk while holding her expensive extinguisher purse, then imagine outside what the rest of the world could be doing."

"Lo sguardo perso nell'infinito dei ricordi"

He has crossed his life and now at the end of it all his memories come back to life in the smog of a sigarette!

Author: Ilaria F. (Italy)


"White Old Man"

"White Old Man" is an area in Elena Balkan covering a territory of several tens of decares. It is called because of the only oak in this region that people call the same name. In local folklore there is a legend that tells of three brothers - traveling leather merchants who were overtaken by a heavy snowstorm and forced to camp at the place in question. On the night of his youngest brother he met a tall man with a dog's head and a dazzling pendant on his chest who had asked him for two wolfskins to warm up at night. The little brother saw the opportunity for a good deal and asked for the medallion in return. In the morning he found his brothers slaughtered and skinned, and his own hands were stained with blood. On his chest was the pendant of the creature's medallion. The little brother wandered from the place to a deep old age, seeking the creature from his sleep. He wanted to bring back his medallion so that his brothers could live again. He died very old, and at the place where he breathed, a tall and built oak grew up lonely in the thick pine forest. According to the superstition, every night at exactly three o'clock, the desperate shouts of the little brother, who is still waiting for the strange creature, can be heard.

Author: Albert B. (Bulgaria)


Author: Orietta G. (Italy)



"And when the storm arrives I like to think that it's you ... that you've found another way to come back."


This is Miriam's first trip to Berlin. To say the truth, it is her fist ever trip to Germany.

She is a Jew and lives in Israel. She knows a lot about the holocaust and the evil that happened in Germany during WWII, and the division of the two Germanys at the end of the war. And about the wall. 

She knows the wall has fallen, but she barely remembers it herself – she was just a small child then. Why does she know all this? Because her grandparents – her mother's parents – were Jews who lived in Berlin before the war. When the persecutions began – they were young then and had just married – they managed to flee to Great Britain.  After the war they then relocated to Israel. Her mother was born there, and so was she. But those stories are there in her heart  – those will never be forgotten.   

And so now she is here, in what was once east Berlin, and she is passing next to a fragment of the wall. There is a flag painted on it. No – wait – there's two: the German flag and the Israeli one have merged. She wonders who's the enemy now. Or is there one? And her homeland? Which one is her motherland? Or should she call it Fatherland?


Author: Adriana O. (Italy)


Author: Erica A. (Italy)



Loving sunsets also means making peace with the idea of darkness. Come here. Too much melancholy for the romantics. Yet, on the evening of my birthday, looked into space for the fiery Rome, I made a space where I feel more alone to collect the night, real or metaphorical.

Author: Matilde V. (Italy)



The purity of an intense gaze and the flowers that adorn the girl who, despite being immersed in the darkness, is enveloped in the delicacy of her femininity.

2nd Place: 50% discount for 

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1st Place: Blind Trip



Let me Italian you is proud to announce its first BLIND PHOTO CONTEST!


The first place will be awarded with a BLIND TRIP offered by Let me Italian you in a secret destination! The winner will get a travel voucher that consists in transportation tickets (roundtrip) & accommodation (2 nights)! Which Destination? You will discover if you win!

How it works?

Send 1  photo to focused on the theme of “TELL US A STORY”:

Create a photo with a story – take a photo and show us your photo with a story behind it!

A story could be found around almost every corner, from stunning landscapes to locals/friends/parents going about their day and all the other small details in between!

All you have to do is submit your photo, provide a title for it, write a short description of the photo you’re entering.


Please note that this contest is only open to photographers based in UE.


We have two more prizes:

  1. The second place will be awarded with a 50% discount to use for one of our Discover projects!
  2. The third place will be awarded with a photo book with all his/her best photos (selected by the winner).


The winners will be elected by a judge:

Weronika Kosińska [ ]. 

Weronika Kosińska is one the most famous & important photographer in Poland and around Europe. Her work having been published in larger European publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Romania and Elléments Magazine. One of her shootings, made in her apartment and in the neighborhood, won fashion category in a big photo contest – Viva! Photo Awards 2013.

Since 2014 she has been creating hair beauty collections for Christophe Gaillet, the French ambassador of L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, and shooting for NIVEA.

“What single piece of advice would you give to amateur photographers to help them improve their results?”

Weronika: “Never give up! Do what you love and do it often. Invest and believe in yourself. Be patient.”



After the submission period closes the judge chooses her favourite images and the judge results will be announced on 20th of August.

This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd.


All the photos will be published in this page!

3rd Place: Photo Book


Author: Stavri C.  (Cyprus)



Author: Mary C. (Italy)


"A bench for two"

"A bench for two" to paraphrase the title of the famous movie "UNA POLTRONA PER DUE" . I took this photo one morning in January on Lake Pusiano, while I was walking and looking at this lonely bench in the winter landscape I imagined it was there alone waiting for someone sat on it to keep him company.

Author: Emanuela G. (Italy)


"The silk-haired fairy"

"At my birth, a fairy leaned over me and told me:
"Practice observing and thinking.
You do not escape the color of the sky, the fragility of a blade of grass,
the amazement of a look.
  Only in this way will you see in this world the other in transparency,
  like an invisible watermark inside a sheet of paper ". 
Fabrizio Caramagna



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