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"Great project created by lovely people.

Cooperation is a pleasure. Good luck!"


Ania Kurnyta

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"I was a model at this year's workshop for two times. Great organization, amazing people.

This is a very cool thing !

I am glad that I could participate!"



(Model - Discover Krakow)


"Extremely nice people. 100% natural. Love travelling. And easyway to do. So I can always work with good feeling. Always good experience work with them. I believe this project is helpful and usefull for every open minded artist, like me.", Julia Cruzan said.


What our partners said about their experiences with Let me Italian you



"I had a pleasure to lead portrait photography workshop during Discover Krakow VIII. I must say the whole idea of traveling and improving your photography skills is just amazing. This is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share the same passion and have a lot of fun during workshops and tours. So thank you so much for having me! I would definitely recommend Let me Italian you to everybody who loves photography and discovering new places."


Halina Sikora

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"I took part in two editions of Discover Cracow as workshop leader and it was really great experience! You are going to meet tallented, passioned people, learn and visit beautiful places all at once! I would recommend Let Me Italian You to everyone who loves photography. Organizers Massimillano and Gabrielle are working their best to make everything work and to provide you such great adventure."


Iwona Wojtowicz 

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"I participated in the Budapest edition as a teacher and I am very happy with the organizers. They are very reliable people and they arranged all the small details in order to make my workshop very smooth. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to teach to such a group of enthusiastic and open minded people."


Isabel Val 

(Photographer - Discover Budapest)

"I had the opportunity to work with 'Let me Italian you' and I am very satisfied with the experience ! Available and open to suggestions as a partner to work with, it's just perfect!

Thanks guys, looking forward to collaborating with you again!"


Baptiste Rutko

(Photographer - Discover Barcelona)

"Thank you for a chance to share my knowledge and meet new amazing people!

Keep it up!

Looking forward for the future cooperation!"


Dasha Veselovskaya

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"Two kind and organized siblings. They are professionals in photography projects.

There is nothing impossible for them and their work is also their passion.

I am so glad that I had an opportunity to work with them 4 times!

I hope to see you again in Krakow!"


Paulina Kryzak

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"Thanks to trust me in your trip in Barcelona!

It was amazing to share this afternoon with all of you!

It was full of talent and energetic people!"


La Cristina 

(Photographer - Discover Barcelona)


"Dear photographers...Yesterday you were strangers, - to each other, and to me. Today we are friends. Thanks to Gabriele and Massimiliano who created "Let me Italian you" project, and brought you to Barcelona.

Each of you is different. You have different photography styles; some of you like portraits, others - landscapes. However, during the days when you were together in Barcelona, each of you focused on creating meaningful photography. It was amazing to see you looking for good shots, sharing photos, asking questions, and learning from each other.

I have seen some of your photos, and they are truly amazing. Keep developing the ability of “seeing beyond obvious”.

Gabriele and Massimiliano, thank you for the opportunity of being a part of this amazing experience. Your positive energy and great organisational skills attract great people, and I feel that your project helps people in discovering the most photogenic places, becoming better photographers, and making friends.

For those of you who are looking for your next photographic adventure,

I would highly recommend joining one of the tours organised by

“Let me Italian you”, if you want to practice photography, learn new techniques, see the most photogenic places, make friends, and come back home with photos you can be proud of. I would be happy to discover the next city and create meaningful photos with you."

Yan Pekar 

(Photographer - Discover Barcelona)

"I would thank Letmeitalianyou and all the photographers for the truly wonderful pictures. and it's a pleasure to deal with you in the coming times. You have been blessed by your presence in Marrakech. Thank you very much."



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"Dear Twins,I am really happy that I was able to be a part of Discover Barcelona 6! You two made a great job managing and preparing these days, keep going it! Also, meeting people of all over the world and making friends with them was so marvellous! Hopefully I will see you all again soon. And even if I wasn't there as a photographer, modeling for the shootings were such a great experience - thank you so so much for chosing me, I will never forget this! I hope that we will see us in another Discover Mission again."



(Model - Discover Barcelona)


"Encantada de haber colaborado como modelo con

Let me Italian you en Discover Barcelona. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo fue fascinante la experiencia."



(Model - Discover Barcelona)


"I’m so happy because I could be there on this 2 days! and worked with you guys!

I really enjoyed this, I get more and more experience.

Now I know many new wonderful people.

Professional organization, perfect photographers and beautiful places.

Thank you for everything! I hope we will meet again!"



(Model - Discover Budapest)


"Thank you for the great job guys! It was a wonderful day!  I had so much fun and I have gained experience, I am glad for the opportunity! It was a great and very well organised team! Thank you the proffesional workshop! I hope we will meet again! I wish the best!"



(Model - Discover Budapest )


"Really nice, open-minded and very professional. It was a pleasure to work with you!"



(Model - Discover Krakow)

"I have worked four times with Let me Italian you. They had hairdresser, stylist and make-up artist thus they have been really prepared. I've received great photos from many photographers. It was great amount of fun combined with professionalism. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it."


(Model - Discover Krakow)

"Ho collaborato con let me italian you come modella durante il Discover Sicily, e devo dire che è stata un'esperienza bellissima! Circondata da fotografi professionisti internazionali per le vie di Ortigia che cercavano di catturare le scatto migliore...

é stato divertentissimo!!

Complimenti per l'organizzazione,tutto perfetto nei minimi dettagli, e soprattutto complimenti al team per la loro disponibilità e professionalità!"



(Model - Discover Sicily)

"Great idea, great project, beautiful people!

Good luck and all the best!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"Let me Italian You provides totally outstanding experience, full of opportunities like getting to know other cultures, people and acquire knowledge in a friendly environment. I am glad I had a chance to work with you guys, it was fun and pleasure. High Five for your great work!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"A very good experience as a model to meet new people and have fun!! "



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"Great experience with you all, all of you were so nice and kind.

It was so funny to meet people around the world and from many differents countries. Many thanks again for your patient.

I will definitely repeat."



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"So good experience, good photos, good idea, amazing work. Thanks for let to know you."



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"After my work with the "Let me Italian you" I have stayed bright and positive emotions. you guys are cool professionals and excellent organizers.

I wish you more and more great and interesting projects!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"Having an opportunity to be a tutor during Discover Cracow was a huge honor to me. I met many creative photographers who constantly want to improve their craft. It caused, that through whole workshop time I had questions to answer. For tutor, there is nothing better than big engagement and interest of the group. It was an unforgettable experience!"

Michał Włoch

(Photographer - Discover Krakow)

"I recommend working with Gabriele and Massimiliano!

Very good organization, opportunity to meet amazing people, great atmosphere and fun. Thank you so much for giving me this memories!  I hope to see you soon!"



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"Nice experience to work with so many, different, but great people with common interests!

 Hope to see you again !

I recommend 100 %!"



(Model - Discover Krakow)

"Thank you for the invitation as a model to Discover Krakow.

It was a huge pleasure to work with You .

Great Job!"



(Model - Discover Krakow)

"Thank you for the photos and for the invitation to work with you!

Your project is super cool and I had so much fun"



(MUA-Discover Krakow)


"My name is Marisol, and I had the honor of participating as a photography model in the wonderful IV edition of Discover Marrakech. It has been the first time I have worked with ‘Let me Italian you’, and for me, it has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have lived. Gabriele and Massimiliano are wonderful professionals, they formed an exceptional team in every way; impeccable planning. During our stay we had the great opportunity to visit dream locations through guided tours sharing unique moments, as well as having the collaboration of a prestigious photographer and international models. Of course, they were taking good care of all of us in the best possible way in everything we need. These are some of the details that make your projects unforgettable and remain in the memory of those who lived it. I recommend it from my heart, because it is a different and enriching way to discover the world accompanied by people with the same concern, where at the same time everything that captivates us is captured through the art of photography. We will see each other again, thanks from the soul."



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"It was my greatest pleasure

and big honour to collaborate with @letmeitalianyou!

They know how to combine great adventure, excursion with professional workshops and make the project very intense.

I'll keep the memory of Discover Sicily as an amazing experience which enabled me to meet such talented and wonderful people from different countries!" 



(Model - Discover Sicily)

"After spending a great time with my double bed, I am back:)

I’d like to say big Thank you to all of you, for your trust, patience and for giving me the opportunity of sharing experience with you.

Thank you for being open, friendly and warm to each other.

Thank you for creating such an incredible atmosphere where everyone feels valued and comfortable. It is a kind of an experience which I would remember forever and which makes me feel happier. This experience has an impact on everyone, and everyone may feel that after the project they changed a little bit, in one way or another. Gabriele and Massi, thanks a lot for creating such an incredible experience, and helping so many people to become better. The experience you created united people from different countries, with different mindsets, and during the time we were together we had a feeling that we are a family. A family where people care of each other and support each other. Thank you for taking care of us same way as our mama and papa would:) We love you.

As photographers, we don’t just take pictures and “capture moments”. We make this world a better place by creating meaningful photos. Photos that make people think and feel. Photography is all about experimenting. Thinking a bit more than other people, and experimenting a bit more than other people. And moving away from taking typical photos, if you want to become a better photographer. One last thing I would suggest to consider is - If you want to become a better photographer, forger the word “talent”. Many people use this word as an excuse. Example: “she / he is a better photographer than I am, because she / he has a talent”. What many people call “talent” in photography is a mix of very hard work, experience, huge amount of practice, good taste and developed feeling of aesthetics. Practice more, develop good taste and feeling of aesthetics and your skills will improve. It is better than hiding behind the word “talent” and giving yourself an excuse of not being as good as “talented” photographers. I will remember every one of you, and hope to see you in the future.

Because it was great to be with you. Because I would love to share more experiences with you and get to know you better. If you have photos of other participants, please send them to them, so we keep a good memory. Big hug!"


Yan Pekar 

(Photographer - Discover Sicily)

"Traveling with Let me Italian You as a teacher was an amazing experience! I had an great time teaching photography and meeting people who are passionate about traveling and taking pictures. The trip was very well planned, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun and the places we visited and photographed were wonderful"


Paula Dietz Rauber 

(Photographer - Discover Marrakech)

"It was my first time that i had this special experience

with Let me Italian you.

I've been in their project in Lisbon , the team was amazing,

I was satisfied and had a memorable moments with them.

Their work is the best.

It was my pleasure work with them.

Hope to see them again."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"It is so great working with you guys!!

Not only was it so much fun but the experience itself was incredible and the team was so hard working, inspirign and SO friendly and comfortable.

10/10 would work with you guys again!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"Morocco! In my opinion, this is an intriguing, sunny and wild place. I had the opportunity to meet other people and their culture.

Cooperation with Let me Italian you has allowed me to experience an extraordinary adventure. I met people of many European nationalities.

From morning to evening, we visited, took photos, laughed and got to know each other. I remember Morocco as a beautiful place full of places worth photographing. The twins took care of my safety in Africa.

Immediately after returning home, I only thought that I wanted to go back there.

Now I miss the adventure, the warm weather, the view of palms and twins"



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"Great experience with nice creative people.

Everything is well organized. I enjoyed collaborating as a model

and hope to meet you again.

Good luck with your really amazing project"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"I wish the world was filled with more such kind, nice and positive people like you pizzaholics!

I'll always be keeping my fingers crossed for your success,

you bring so many people together and create beautiful masterpieces ♥️♥️♥️

I had a wonderful, unforgettable time.

Thank you for letting me get to know so many interesting people.

Can't wait for more editions!"



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"I had a real pleasure to participate Discover Marrakech III.

For me it were a unforgettable days in a beautiful place with wonderfull team.

I need more time to open before the unknown people  but with you all I felt good. I think I can tell that it were intensive days, but even work was a really pleasure and I felt just like I spent time with friends.

If you want visit beautiful places, take a good photos and meet new friends from all over world you should join any "Discover ..." organized by Let me Italian you.

I hope to see you all again. Arrivederci!"



(Make-up Artist - Discover Marrakech)

"I didn’t know what to expect from this trip when I agreed to come.

So at the end this experience just overwhelmed me!

The city itself with its colors and smells, the magic locations for the photo shootings, but the most importantly - the people!

I’ve met so many kind, interesting and inspiring people just in five days!

I had a lot of fun and will defined never forget this trip!

Thank you @letmeitalianyou for the perfect organization and planning, and especially, for taking such a great care of us!

I felt part of the big, loud and crazy familia.

I hope we’ll see each other soon and have some more crazy adventures together! Ciao Ragazzi !️



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"Last week I took part in the photoshoot as a model in Lisbon. It was fun! Great atmosphere, nice photographers and professional organizers. Altogether a very good experience!"



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"This two twins are such lovely and sympathetic guys! Thanks for that amazing experience in Lisbon!

Hope to see you again!"



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"A great chance to share ideas and experiment in an amazing place!"



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"Shoot in Barcelona: spontaneous, exciting, well-organized. 

Thank you Let me Italian you for the opportunity to be a part of your project! 

You're doing a great job bringing modes, photographers and make-up artists together! 

Thank you dear photographers for creating a nice atmosphere:

it was very comfortable for me to work with you!!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"Let me Italian you is a great project! As a participant model I had a lot of fun, I learned more about photography and the team was very professional.

It is an excellent experience for you to increase your skills as a model, in addition to having the photographs as good material for you!"



(Model - Discover Barcelona)

"The environment was great with a lot of wonderful people! The whole experience was lovely and exciting. It was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anybody!

I had a great time."



(Model - Discover Budapest)


"I had the pleasure to participate as a stylist in two editions in Cracow. There is always a good atmosphere, creative and nice people and really good photo shooting!

I wish i have a chance to take part in next edition soon."



(Fashion Designer - Discover Krakow)

"Thank you for your professional cooperation.

It was a great experience, a pleasant pastime.

Always welcome to Kraków."



(Model - Discover Krakow)

"It was very good to work together,

I enjoyed it every minute!

 Everyone was amazingly cute and helpful,

and thank you for the wonderful pictures!"



(Model - Discover Budapest)


"The experience with the guys of "let me italian you" was one of the best experiences I could do: great company, interesting lessons even though I participated as a model and not as a photographer and an atmosphere so light as to seem a cloud. The organization was extremely sympathetic even in the most difficult moments. I hope I can make another trip with them!"



(Model - Discover Sicily IV)

"That shooting was a bomb! I loved it.

It was so nice, great experience, amazing people!!!

Awesome pictures that I can't wait for. Would love to repeat that again. It had been so cute when tourists were walking up to me taking a picture with the photographers and me and asking all this questions. 

I felt like a little princes for one day."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"It was a wonderful experience to be part of this project! Thank you guys for this experience, it was a pleasure to be your model and the photographers are fantastic I got great pictures taken by very talented photographers!

Thank you again and I hope to see you soon."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"I highly reccomend!

The people and the atmosphere is unforgettable and

I'm happy that I could be part of that project."



(Model - Discover Krakow )

"I loved the experience, it was excepcional. The team was really nice and loving with a wonderful organization. The photos turned out incredible! I recommend it.

Thank you guys! "



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"Was very happy to work for the modeling shoot in Lisbon 18’ with passioned photografer’s from all over the world. Would definately recommend models working with let me italian you to gain experience and to expand their resume."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"I took part in the ''Discover Barcelona'' project as a makeup artist, it was a great experience and I definitely recommend it! We didn't have to rush to do the makeup (which I really appreciated) and the photos turned out awesome!!"



(Make-up Artist - Discover Barcelona)


"I participated as makeup artist in last (IX) Christmas Edition in Kraków.

I had a great time and opportunity to meet people from around the world. 

Now I have nice memories and photo beautiful Patrycja with my makeup; taken by different photographers with unique styles.

Also I was very happy with the lecture by Marta Sputo, it was inspiring even for me (MUA).

Thanks and I hope we will meet again in Kraków.



(Make-up Artist - Discover Krakow)


"I was the makeup artist one of the days, and had a great time working with them! Fantastic photographers from lots of countries and great opportunity to make friends with others in the industry."



(Make-up Artist - Discover Budapest)

"This is a really good experience with this pair of two amazing guys!!! A beautiful project hightely recomended with a lot of people, energy and good vibes around this!

Thank you so much to think of me and my brand twice!

I hope to see you very, very soon!"


Nuria Serra

(Fashion Designer - Discover Barcelona)

"Extremely nice people. 100% natural. Love travelling. And easyway to do.

So I can always work with good feeling.

Always good experience work with them. I believe this project is helpful and usefull for every open minded artist, like me.

They always introduce you people from others countries

and do different kind of shooting. I like beeing part of it."


Julia Cruzan

(Make-up Artist - Discover Barcelona)

"He tenido el honor de participar en el evento y estoy encantada con todas las personas que han participado, un ambiente muy familiar, flue todo con mucho positivismo ,profesionalidad y buen rollo.

Una experiencia única que espero que se repita pronto"



(Make Up Artist - Discover Barcelona)

"Ha sido todo un placer colaborar con ellos! Grandes y estupendos organizadores, se respira muy buen abiente y creatividad. Puntuales y muy atentos con todo.

Muchas gracias por haber confiado en mi marca

de ropa, (Nuevemí) y por haber hecho unas fotos preciosas!"


Noemi Ponsoda

(Fashion Designer - Discover Barcelona)

"I would like to thank all of you guys for this amazing project.

We had such a fantastic team work...

I'm so happy to see our work results in such success!"


Anna Karapetyan

(Fashion Designer - Discover Barcelona)

"Fanno vivere esperienza interessante davvero! Consiglio col cuore se amate fotografia, amate viaggiare, amate compagnia e fare amicizie (anche internazionali)! Ragazzi veramente simpatici, oltre che professionali! Mi sono trovato benissimo e vi auguro il meglio!! If you like to travel, take photos and make friends - you are welcom!) Professional approach and friendly atmosphere."



(Model - Discover Sicily)


"Professionali, divertenti ed accoglienti! Gabriele e Massimiliano sono sin da subito stati super disponibili, chiari e concisi. Se avete dubbi, vi assicuro che affidandovi a loro non ve ne pentirete. Grazie ancora e in bocca al lupo per tutti i progetti a venire, spero che andranno sempre a migliorare perché lo meritano davvero!"



(Model - Discover Sicily)

"Great initiative!

It was a pleasure working with you,

I'm so happy that I was a part of project Discover Krakow.

Thank you, and I wish you all the best!"



(Fashion Designer - Discover Krakow)

"It was a great pleasure to work with you on creating an image for fashion photoshooting!

I wanna recommend "Let me Italian you" to everyone who are dreaming to take a part in your next  project!"



(Make-up Artist - Discover Krakow)

"Hi, I am Sylwia and I am from Poland.I participated in the project as a model.

It was truly a great experience.The trip was very well-organized. The workshops took place in beautiful locations, and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable. I have fond memories of this trip. Extraordinary people, wonderful energy, and a completely new culture. It was a great experience to explore a new place with people who share the same passions as you do!

It was wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography.

I hope to see you again."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"Discover Marrakech was the best experience I’ve ever been.

First time as a model and it was so fun because of the whole atmosphere. We saw so many beautiful places, took so many photos and spend the best time. I recommend to everyone!"



(Model - Discover Marrakech)

"These people really know how to create beauty and their content is wonderful. I had an experience to meet this wonderful team in Lisbon, I was not expecting anything on such a level as it happened. Organization was on that level, when u feel like real model invited for important photo-session. And when we finally met I’ve seen really super-cool team of smiling people, who were about help/cooperation/activity and interesting ideas. I’m super-thankful for such a possibility, cathed on my way. Location was choisen in the best way - I have never been there before, and till now do not know more colorful and different area for photos for sure. Feel sutisfied and full-filled after this cooperation. Wish progress, development and all the best to this wonderful team and their talanted students!"



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"The gratefulness I have for Let me Italian you is infinite! As a partner, I have rarely encountered so much devotion, passion, kindness, selflessness, kindness, focus, pro attitude and happiness in a project of that size!I will remember it with my 5 senses:
- with my heart melting from the love shared amongst us in the hot Sicilian sun,
- with tears of joy in my eyes for the unforgettable smiles and the supportive moments each other shared,
- with the taste of arrancini at every street corner...
- with the sweet sound of the laughters everyday and the italian language making its way to my soul
- and the smell of the Etna experience, pine trees, wild herbs, ashes, rocks, sweat 
I will forever close my eyes on amazing feelings and images to remember and I will forever cherish what each person I met brought me in these few days in Sicily (2020). That is definitely something to remember as a sweet madeleine of Proust on my old days.
Let me Italian you has given me new energy and motivation to continue teaching Photography, to continue being a professional photographer but also to get better at it in order to teach more compelling technics and share more amazing moments! It wasn't that easy after lockdown to see myself in this profession anymore but I see where I make the difference, also humanly speaking!Thank you so very much Gabri & Massi for the trust, the great opportunity and the love, you made more impact on me than I can tell... and of course a million thank you to each soul who participated to the Sicilian edition 2020, it was my honour to be your "master" and to become your friend! You all rock my world and make me both grateful and humble. You all Italianed me and made me want to learn Italian (isn't that the best proof of love?) I will look forward to the next edition and to meet old and new faces and spread the love... Until then I will be thinking about you all and our memories as treasures and in nostalgy! So long!"

Delphine Gidoin

(Photographer - Discover Sicily)

"Grazie mille for this weekend to the best twins I’ve met in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this project! The overall atmosphere and people were amazingly wonderful! Thank you for good vibes and incredibly positive energy! Anche tu guys! I will definitely join you in your next project because it’s so awesome!!! I’ve met you and I felt like we’re family! I wish my Sicily tickets weren’t canceled so we could meet earlier…can’t wait to see you again guys!

Keep doing your job because you are PRO in it."



(Model - Discover Krakow)

"It was really amazing experience being part of the Let me Italian you in Prague. I honestly wasn't expect it's gonna be this fun the photographers were really friendly and professional.

I would definitely would like to join again for the next opportunity"



(Model - Discover Prague)

"We got a lot of bright, unforgettable, positive impressions and emotions from a trip to Marrakech with the team Let me Italian you. 

Thanks to this trip, we met a lot of people from different countries. 

This is an experience that everyone should have.

Let me Italian is definitely a team of professionals in their field.  Thanks a lot!"


Olya & Olesia  

(Models - Discover Marrakech V)

"I was invited as a photomodel for photo shooting in Prague.

It was my first time with Let me Italian and I have to say I really enjoyed it with them!!! All of them were kind, friendly and very professional.

After photo shooting I could spend some time with them. It was great!

I enjoyed every minutes. Thank you so much!

I believe this was not the last cooperation with Let me Italian you!"



(Model - Discover Prague)

"I would really like to thank you guys for an invitation to Sicily.

It was my first time there and I really like places, especially Taormina I guess but I can’t imagine sightseeing it in the full season without COVID, cause it must be super busy.

I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Apart from the temperature it was really cool, thank you again for an invite.

Thank you for making my birthday so nice and funny,

I think I couldn’t have imagined better way to spend it.

Hope to see you soon in Kraków or somewhere else in the world."



(Model - Discover Sicily)

"Guys! There are no words how thankful I am for everything!

For letting me to be a part of your project, for a chance to visit Italy again, for being best guides I could imagine. I felt like at home and I’m so happy that I had a possibility to see so many beautiful places! Can’t wait to see u in Poland and doesn’t matter where I’m gonna live but u can feel invited!

I’m so happy that I finally met u in reality and hopefully it’s just the beginning of our friendship!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your next projects"



(Model - Discover Sicily VI)



"Had an amazing time modelling for @letmeitalianyou and all the participants in Lisbon. The session was so much fun and everybody was so nice and enthusiastic. @letmeitalianyou choosed a very cool spot and the pictures turned out amazing. I’m in love with every single one of them and I will treasure them forever! So much talent in them! Also it was an unique opportunity to meet, work and have fun with talented people from different countries and they got to visit and capture my beautiful city in a very special way. Definitely, an experience to remember!"



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"I had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop with Gabriele & Massimiliano in Amsterdam and it was an incredible experience! They are an excellent people , teachers and guides, with a passion for photography that is contagious.

They not only provide their participants valuable tips and techniques by bringing professionals to share their tips and tricks but also showing them the essence of city life. My experience was very enriching and rewarding. They are the nicest people I’ve ever met.

I’d be the first one to sign up for every single workshop they organize. But what truly sets these two twins apart is their genuine interest in their participants progress and success. They went above and beyond to answer all questions, provide feedback and offer guidance and support.

Overall, I highly recommend letmeitalianyou and their workshops to anyone looking to improve their photography skills, explore new places, and meet like-minded individuals.

Thank you for bringing me abroad and for an unforgettable experience!"

Lucia Heister

(Photographer - Discover Amsterdam)

"I am very glad to participate in such an interesting project!  Meeting new talented photographers is a cool experience!  Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to talk about portrait photography!  During the practical part, all participants had the opportunity to work with the model and get cool shots for their portfolio!  This is primarily inspiration and motivation to try new things!!"


Julia Yatel

(Photographer - Discover Lisbon)

"I went to Sicily again! Accepting the invitation of a lovely twin couple and for the third time I have been her model for their photography workshop. I love such experiences because I can meet interesting, world-traveling people from whom I could learn a lot,

and I think it's always a special experience instead of traveling "alone".

I am grateful for the opportunity and the people I have met!"



(Model - Discover Sicily)

"Thank you so much. you are always so kind and it is always a pleasure to work with you. 

I am really happy I get to work with you all this years and all the amazing photographers."



(Model - Discover Lisbon)

"This project is really amazing. I love it!The contents always end up being extraordinary, because each photographer has an extremely different vision and it is great to work with such good people."


Ana Teresa

(Model - Discover Lisbon)



"We had the privilege to work with a wonderful team Let me Italian you of young highly-motivated and dedicated photographers and models.

It was also a pleasure to exchange about our respective cultures, knowledge and expertise.On behalf of the Kounouz Family, we thank Gabriele and Massimiliano and all the Let me italian you team for choosing Kounouz to be part of the Discover Marrakech!"


(Fashion Designer -Discover Marrakech)


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