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Free stay in the luxury Hotel Shangri-La Dubai  in a Deluxe room inclusive of breakfast for two people.

Expert Judge:



"Remembering Ortigia"

"The magical atmosphere that I breathed in Ortigia, steeped in history, full of perfumes, full of the reflections of a dream sea. Unforgettable place where I dream of returning."



"La magica atmosfera che ho respirato ad Ortigia, intrisa di storia, ricca di profumi, carica dei riflessi di un mare da sogno. Luogo indimenticabile dove sogno di ritornare."


Author: Elisa H. (Italy)


"Just a little moment" 



"On the middle of Chios island, the moment when the sun was burning but breezes from the Northern Aegean sea has been touched our skin, a little cat was waiting his friend who seems like just recovered from illness. It was amazing and moving that small creatures express their fraternity and love. I realized that the true meaning of travel is to find a light among small things. "




Author: Youyoung (South Korea)


"Amazement before the unexpected" - "Stupore davanti all’inatteso"

Author: Anna F. (Italy)



"Biennale di Venezia, 2018. A family gathered in front of a video, completely absorbed. Look at reality through that filter, the only one possible in there .. as for all of us, today."



"Biennale di Venezia, 2018. Una famiglia raccolta davanti ad un video, completamente assorta. Guarda la realtà attraverso quel filtro, l’unico possibile là dentro.. come per tutti noi,oggi."

"Freedom has no price"

"This snapshot represents all that unfortunately we cannot have right now.

Very often we take many things for granted, first of all, our freedom. However, when things are taken from us, we realize how important they are to us all.

The photograph was taken during a summer afternoon, at sunset in the "Baia delle Sirene" of Bergeggi (Savona), while two children were playing to frighten the seagulls.

A memory of a summer but above all a memory of freedom."

Author: Virginia B. (Italy)


"Peaceful view"

"I took this photo in Santorini, just arrived. And it is one of the most beautiful memories of the holiday, it reminds me of the summer and the very dark blue of the sea in front of us. It reminds me of the serenity that is felt only on vacation."



"Questa foto l'ho scattata a Santorini, appena arrivati. Ed è uno dei ricordi più belli della vacanza, mi ricorda l'estate e il blu scurissimo del mare che avevamo di fronte. Mi ricorda la serenità che si prova solo in vacanza."

Author: Giorgia R. (Italy)


"Flying freely (Varanasi,2018)" - "Volare in libertà"

Author: Stefania M. (Italy)


"These days I have had time to rethink my trip to India.

It was December 2018 when I strolled through the streets of Varanasi, the sacred city of Hindus, where thousands of people attend funeral rituals on the banks of the Ganges every day. I went up to the roof of a building and saw children play with kites.

Between the bare houses, and the chaos of the city, they found a moment of peace there to enjoy the possibilities of life and, why not, dream of flying. Like today's shared dream, that of returning to fly freely."



"In questi giorni ho avuto il tempo di ripensare al mio viaggio in India. Era dicembre 2018 quando passeggiavo per le vie di Varanasi, la città sacra degli indù, dove ogni giorno migliaia di persone assistono ai rituali funebri sulle sponde del Gange. Sono salita sul tetto di una palazzina e ho visto dei bambini giocare con gli aquiloni. Tra le case spoglie, e il caos della città, trovavano lì un momento di pace per godere delle possibilità della vita e, perché no, sognare di volare. Come il sogno condiviso di oggi, quello di ritornare a volare in libertà."

"Sao My Childhood Memories"

"I took this picture last February this year in Wonogiri, Indonesia.

Wonogiri is my hometown (Now i am living in Belgium), i was born and raise there and this picture reminds me of my childhood when i was live with my grand parents and they always asked me to go to the rice fields to helped them, Now both of my grand parents are dead.

Go to the rice fields and take this picture gave me a goosebumps. I had lots of good memories in my childhood."

Author: Aris S. (Indonesia)


"Sao combs her hair once a day" - "Sao si pettina i capelli una volta al giorno"

"It is enclosed in these walls of the Roman quarter that hosts me that they come back to me.
The Laotian people don't care who you are and where they come from, they are always ready to welcome you into their homes.
This is what I miss most, the smell of the pots and spices, the bamboo constructions, the empty houses and even the continuous activity of wearing and taking off shoes.
My memory goes where there are no supermarkets, pharmacies or distractions marketed in packages, they don't follow tutorials on Instagram TV, they don't follow files or social distances nor they have self-certifications.
Yet they always know how to smile and hope."



"E' rinchiusa in queste mura del quartiere romano che mi ospita che mi tornano in mente loro.

Al popolo Laotiano non importa sapere chi tu sia e da dove provenga, sono sempre pronti ad accoglierti nelle loro case..

E' questo quello che mi manca di più, l'odore delle pentole e delle spezie, le costruzioni di bamboo, le case vuote e persino l'attività continua di indossare e togliere le scarpe.

Il mio ricordo va lì dove non esistono supermercati,farmacie o distrazioni commercializzate in pacchetti, non seguono tutorial su Instagram tv, non seguono file o distanziamenti sociali ne possiedono autocertificazioni.

Eppure loro sanno sempre sorridere e sperare."

Author: Claudia G. (Italy)


"Some things make you speachless" 

" It’s up to you to make memories that touch your soul. The best memories are the ones you can’t put into words, the ones that give you goosepumps and make your heart glow."

Author: Gertrude A. (Estonia)


Author: Teresa Ileana L. (Italy)


"I thought and made this picture because while looking at some old photographs of when I was a child I found negatives. Now mostly I shoot digitally, but I have a vivid memory of my mother tinkering with films and negatives; she never worked as photographer, but she liked to shoot. I remember that sometimes I could get someone to play with, without understanding what it was for. Then for some years I have been passionate about photography, and I have approached digital photography, but the charm for that old Lubitel it remained, and I decided to learn to shoot with the analog camera. It is true, some memories last a lifetime, and can somehow determine the choices you will make. "


"Ho pensato e realizzato questa foto perché mentre guardavo alcune vecchie fotografie di quando ero bambina ho trovato dei negativi. Adesso per lo più si scatta in digitale, ma ho il vivido ricordo di mia madre armeggiare con pellicole e negativi; non ha mai lavorato come fotografa, ma le piaceva scattare. Ricordo che a volte riuscivo a prenderne qualcuno per giocarci, senza capire bene a cosa servisse. Poi da alcuni anni mi sono appassionata alla fotografia, e mi sono approcciata a quella digitale, ma il fascino per quella vecchia Lubitel è rimasto, e ho deciso di imparare a scattare con la fotocamera analogica. E’ vero, alcuni ricordi durano tutta la vita, e possono in qualche modo determinare le scelte che farai."

"The negative" - "Il negativo"

"A perfect morning" 

Author: Marina B. (Germany)


"The best feelings in the simplest things"

"The photo represents the watercourse at the feet of the majestic Acqua Fraggia waterfall (Italy). Although it is a simple photo of a common landscape, I associate it with a happy moment of a summer afternoon, immersed in nature, in silence, in the peace far from everyday life. Moments that now acquire even more value."




Author: Sara (Italy)

"Stories of hearts" - "Storie di cuori"

"For me, this photo represents the memory: couples who left their own mark in a place trying to define their" forever "in a material way and promising themselves that that small gesture could be a symbol of their great love. In this case there is no mention of my personal memory but of what I felt and what I imagined: in front of those little hearts hanging from the net, I imagined how many stories, feelings and emotions each heart could hide, how much the happiness of people in being able hang a symbol of their love. Moment, theirs, which they will remember for a lifetime. "


"Per me, questa foto, rappresenta il ricordo: coppie che hanno lasciato un proprio segno in un luogo provando a definire in modo materiale un loro “per sempre” e promettendosi che quel piccolo gesto possa essere simbolo del loro grande amore. In questo caso non si parla di un mio ricordo personale ma di ciò che ho provato e di cosa ho immaginato: di fronte ai quei piccoli cuori appesi alla rete, ho immaginato quante storie, sentimenti ed emozioni ogni cuore poteva nascondere, quanta la felicità delle persone nel poter appendere un simbolo del loro amore. Momento, il loro, che ricorderanno per tutta la vita."

Author: Giorgia N. (Italy)


"We are Golden"

"Dedicated to friends who I have met in my Discover Adventures; because friends and travels are precious more than gold."

Author: Roberta M. (Italy)


"In October 2019 I went to Seoul before to go to Japan for a month for volunteering. One day checking on a map what to do I decided to go to see Dongdaemun history and culture park and I just bounce in the Seoul fashion week! I didn’t understand immediately what was happening, I saw a lot of people dressed weird and photographers shooting them, and I thought: “let’s do it!”. This was a starting point of one of the best experience I had in my life."

Author: Flavio M. (Italy)


"Seoul Fashion Week"

"The power of social media"

"October 18th 2019: for the first time after the military dictatorship and after 30 years from the introduction of an oppressive neoliberal economic system, which brought more than 70% of the population to earn less than 1000$ per month, Chilean people took the streets of the country in order to express their dissatisfaction. 

The protests, which opened a direct dialogue with the government, were violently repressed, from day one the president  has deployed the army and imposed a curfew for more than a week, during this period transgressor were tortured, or in some cases killed by those who ideally have to protect civils. 

Mass media, which are as well part of the national industries, depicted (and actually are still doing) the protesters as hooligans, trying to discredit the social movement. In the picture we can see a young guy protesting against what have been shown on national Tv programs. 

All the above was the background of my six months exchange program in the country, which I will doubtfully forget."

Author: Benedetta B. (Italy)


"Elegance is not being noticed, it's about being remembered"

"This picture has been taken during the project "Discover Barcelona IX". I think this is one of my best shots of all time and, everytime I look at it, all of the people, the places and the experiences about that journey pop up in my mind and I miss all of that."

Author: Sofia C. (Italy)


"Remember Smile"

"I can be full of  happiness when admire my babies far to me grow and spend own childhood  that will be forever memories in the life .." 

Author: Matteo B. (Italy)


"Alone with my memories"



"Photography has the power to capture important moments and make us travel trought time."




Author: Veronica F. (Italy)




"Walking along the streets of my city, Anagni, I happened to meet old gentlemen and to meet their eyes that seemed to say "I have seen things about it". And it was true, they had certainly seen many more than me. One of them struck me one day. He crossed the square with slow steps and went to sit near the War Memorial of our city. Maybe with his mind he was thinking about something or someone; maybe he just wanted to lean to rest. I was struck, however, by his fatigued gait, which simultaneously conveyed melancholy and serenity. In this shot I tried to capture that feeling."

"Passeggiando lungo le vie della mia città, Anagni, capitava di incontrare signori anziani e di incrociare i loro occhi che sembravano dire "ne ho viste io di cose". Ed era vero, ne avevano certamente viste molte più di me. Uno di loro un giorno mi ha colpito particolarmente. Attraversò con passi lenti la piazza e si andò a sedere vicino al Monumento ai Caduti della nostra città. Magari con la mente stava pensando a qualcosa o a qualcuno; magari voleva solo appoggiarsi per riposare. Mi ha colpito, però, la sua andatura affaticata, che trasmetteva contemporaneamente malinconia e serenità. In questo scatto ho provato a catturare quella sensazione."



Author: Emanuele P. (Italy)





"The photo I chose represents a personal self-portrait. It is not just a simple self-portrait, but it is the expression of myself and my changes. A way to express my memories, those of myself, and a sort of reflection on how time changes us. Precisely for this reason I added dynamism and movement to the photo, highlighting that we are always evolving beings and that time transforms us. "

"La foto che ho scelto rappresenta un autoritratto personale. Non è solo un semplice autoritratto, ma è l'espressione di me stessa e dei miei cambiamenti. Un modo per esprimere i miei ricordi, quelli di me stessa, e una sorta di riflessione su come il tempo ci cambia. Proprio per questo ho inserito nella foto dinamicità e movimento, evidenziando che siamo esseri sempre in continua evoluzione e che il tempo ci trasforma."




Author: Eleonora (Italy)


"Young Arctic Traveller"



"I am a young freelance journalist and I love traveling. This is a photo depicting the plateau at 1222 meters above sea level in the tiny village of Finse, Norway, with me at the foot of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier; Ice Music Festival Norway takes place in such a place.."

"Sono un giovane giornalista freelance e adoro viaggiare. Questa è una foto che raffigura il pianoro a 1222 metri d'altitudine del minuscolo borgo di Finse, Norvegia, con me ai piedi del ghiacciaio Hardangerjøkulen; in un simile luogo si svolge Ice Music Festival Norway."





Author: Gerardo (Italy)


Author: Valeria B. (Italy)


"So it was that those two elderly gentlemen sat down and focused on what at that significant moment in front. He immerses himself in the life span and searches in the deepest of themselves, he looks for that point that accepts the whole man to feel more placed within his own existence. Then, with the same simplicity with which they sat down, those two elderly gentlemen left and I stayed with the medium-assistance lawyer and one of the most intimate and beautiful dialogues, the dialogue between nature and man."

"Fu così che quei due anziani signori si sedettero e si concentrarono su ciò che in quel momento avevano di fronte. Si immersero all’interno della durata della vita e cercarono nel più profondo di loro stessi, cercarono quel punto che permette all’essere umano di sentirsi più collocato all’interno della propria esistenza. Poi, con la stessa semplicità con cui si sedettero, quei due anziani signori se ne andarono ed io restai con la consapevolezza di aver assistito ad uno dei dialoghi più intimi e belli, il dialogo tra la natura e l’uomo."

"An intimate dialogue" - "Un intimo dialogo"

"New beginnings"


"It was March 25, 2018: that afternoon spring was coming to life all around, I had gone out to take some photos and a light breeze caressed my face gently. It was the first time that I was picking up my Canon EOS 700D, "my little girl", as I liked to call it: I had bought it a few days earlier with the money that I had managed to put aside over the months thanks to the first jobs of a student-worker fledgling me. I was so happy that I felt I could touch the sky with a finger. Before then I had had other cameras, but none that I had ever really felt "mine": she, on the other hand, was, and the big smile that I had printed on her face that day was proof of how much I loved her.
Almost as if destiny wanted to give me a sign, after weeks of rain and clouds, that afternoon the sky of Genoa was tinged with wonderful and evocative colors: it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. Without thinking twice, I took the baby out of her bag and started taking: this photo is the very first that she and I have made together.
Unfortunately, this winter - about a week before leaving with the boys from Let me Italian you for Marrakech - they stole my baby on the train: it was a real blow to the heart. I had to replace her before I went on a journey, but I still have the skinny if I think she is no longer next to me.
I chose this photo because - in addition to the very first - it is in my opinion also one of the most beautiful that I have taken in the company of my small Canon EOS 700D. I see it a bit like the metaphor of this last period: while the sun is setting in all its majesty, life continues in the shadows, without ever stopping, only by putting its characteristic frenzy on stand-by for a moment.
Every time I look at this photo - and, with her, I also scroll through all those taken that afternoon - I feel good. As if a day hadn't passed since then. As if today it was still possible to relive that new beginning and all the sensations I felt when I held my beautiful Canon EOS 700D for the first time."


Author: Guendalina L. (Italy)




"Crossing, change, evolution with hopes on that (my) road already traveled .."



"Attraversamento, mutamento, evoluzione con speranze su quella (mia) strada già percorsa.."




Author: Elisa G. (Italy)


"Dream love"



I like so much this corner in Padova and the artist who create this: it's a mix of love, passion and freedom..ingredients of life!



Author: Sonia L. (Italy)


To see all the photos in full size and high resolution, click here. 

"On an early morning in New Zealand I drove to Lake Matheson, hiked half way around it and then prepared my camera and tripod for the sunrise. The weather was perfect, no clouds and clear air. The reflection of the mountains on the lake was perfect, because the water was absolutely clear. Fog drifted on the water surface and created a mystic atmosphere. The fog changed so quickly and I wondered if the scenery could get any better. But then the sun rose and touched the peaks, and a few minutes later it immersed the whole lake in a beautiful warm sunlight. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand’s nature and took some perfect shots. Suddenly a duck crossed the lake, and all photographers were scared that the lake would stop being as smooth, and so started to complain. Although I like capturing the perfect moment and was a bit annoyed myself by the duck, I had to smile, because I think in that moment I had taken a really great photo. That’s just nature. I enjoyed staying at this great place and living this amazing moment. On the way back to the car park I knew I’d always keep this perfect morning in my mind."





"Despite all the maritime aggressions to which the shells are subjected, over the thousands of years, they last in time. They leave their mark. So are memories, they are resistant to time."




Author: Ana Rita C. (Portugal)


"Nirvana on the beach"



"Yogi meditates on the beach."



Author: Ksenia S. (Sweden)


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Week-end in Cardiff for 2 people


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4° Place: VERONICA


E-Gift of 60€ by

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5° Place: ALICE

"Quarantine's memories"

"Memories belong to the past, a look at our experience, when we linger in them as if by magic we relive them ... because something intense and vital is enclosed in the memories !!"


"I ricordi appartengono al passato, uno sguardo al nostro vissuto,  quando ci soffermiamo in essi come per magia li riviviamo... perché nei ricordi è racchiuso qualcosa di intenso e vitale!!"

Author: Moreno L. (Italy)


"Loro di Via Buozzi"

"The memory of the long summer walks in the sultry center of my town, them, the usual five friends stationed every day from 6 in the afternoon, ready for new long chats together."



"Il ricordo delle lunghe passeggiate estive nel centro afoso della mia cittadina, loro, i soliti cinque amici appostati ogni giorno dalle 6 di pomeriggio, pronti per nuove lunghe chiacchierate insieme."

Author: Viola B. (Italy)


"Give it a title"

"Give a title" is a photograph taken in Marrakech in January 2019, during the Discover Marrakech III with Let Me Italian You.
I chose this title because in this photo everyone can experience a different emotion and feel it their own.
Everyone is free to give "their own title".
We will return to travel, to be free to explore unknown places.
We will come back to look each other in the eyes, from all over the world.
"Give a title" is a hope for those who still believe that we will return stronger than before.
Far but close!

Author: Roberta V. (Italy)



"It is kind of a windy day. The sun is setting down, when I`m going back home from work. Luckily, I have my camera with me, which is atypical, having in mind how fresh photography is in my life. I am l walking down the street, when I see these balloons (one of my favourite things from my childhood... everyone`s childhood, I guess) without any sign of a new store opening.. just tied up, hanging there. I stop just to look at them, observe them, being hypnotized by their movements, when I remember the camera, I am wearing. I`m trying my best to take a shot in this, one of several, moments when the balloons are straight in the air. That reminds me of the movie.. and I wish I could grab them and fly away.. somewhere far away. I am seeing them as my purple escape. I`m walking home now with the biggest smile on my face. I hope the people around me knew why."



Author: Gergana (Bulgaria)


"Onirica Bali"

Author: Aurora L. (Italy)


"And it wasn't just women who were so bright and happy to see you: men, of any age, were like that: carefree, light, curious and friendly. They made you love even more that little island so green and so blue in the middle the ocean! "



"E non erano solo le donne ad essere cosi luminose e felici nel vederti: anche gli uomini, di qualsiasi età erano cosi: spensierati, leggeri, curiosi e cordiali. Ti facevano amare ancora di più quella piccola isola tanto verde e tanto blu in mezzo all’oceano!"

"Into the wild"

"Into the wild" because it manages to place itself in an abstract space, makes me think of distant times and places and at the same time reminds me of the beautiful excursions made in the mountains of Abruzzo a few years ago. But above all it makes me feel nostalgia for that freedom that only travel can give, with its views and the people it brings us together. "


 "Into the wild" perché riesce a collocarsi in uno spazio astratto, mi fa pensare a tempi e luoghi lontani e nello stesso tempo mi ricorda le bellissime escursioni fatte tra i monti dell'Abruzzo qualche anno fa. Ma soprattutto mi fa provare nostalgia di quella libertà che solo il viaggio sa donare, con i suoi panorami e le persone che ci fa incontrare."

Author: Nicole P. (Italy)



"This capture is all about FREEDOM against these times of difficulty the world has found itself in. FREEDOM equals MOBILITY, a state of spirit which inadvertently feeds the soul with the pleasure of enjoying simple things taken for granted until now. In my point of view, FREEDOM as MOBILITY is composed of opportunities to travel WHEN and WHERE one pleases. The opportunities TO EXPLORE THE WORLD enables us to better understand ourselves, our world, and our place in it. I believe that through travel, one can learn about unfamiliar culture, language, food, practices and beliefs, which compel us to see the past, or to gain new vision of perception."

Author: Diana R. (Moldova)


"The eyes tell more than words could ever say..."

"When I look into my friends eyes I remember everything what we went through. All the adventures we  experienced together and the ups and downs in our life. You are my bigges inspiration, because you thought me no matter how hard life gets, you should never give up.


She reminded me how everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Sometimes, one will go through really though times and it feels like life is going downhill. But you are stronger than you think, especially when you have a friend by your side."

Author: Vivien S. (Germany)



"Photo taken at the "Miroir d'eau", Bordeaux on a rainy morning."

Author: Antonio (Spain)


"Confrontation" - "Confronto"

"Bayon, the temple of faces, Angkor Wat, Cambodia"




"Bayon, il tempio dei volti, Angkor Wat, Cambogia"

Author: Veronica D. (Italy)



Author: Ilaria A. (Italy)


"Bialowieza Forest, January 2020.

It was a rainy morning and I was looking at trees and birds.

Then my father sent me a message: a poem about snow and nature written by my grandma, who passed away few years ago. At that very moment, as if by magic, it started snowing and that snow brought with it a beautiful frenzy of blue tits and great tits flying together on trees branches.

For me this picture represents the power and the magic of bonds and how important they are."

"The caress of the statue" - "La carezza della statua"

"The caress of the statue."

Author: Alessandro T. (Italy)


"The rof of God"

Author: Carlos (Spain)


“Now that we are going through one of the most difficult moments in our history, I remember this image of the Sagrada Familia, built by Antoni Gaudí, which represents the union of nature with God. The columns are similar to the trees and the ceiling lights represent the sky, with the zodiac signs around it. We must be like these "trees", go ahead and surpass ourselves.”

"Cambridge in Lockdown"

"This photo was taken the day before I decided to isolate and is special because this was the day when I could visit my favourite spot in the city for the last time before isolation.  I didn’t have to isolate so early as UK still had not gone into lockdown or I did not have any symptoms. But having spoken to my frontline friends I could understand the severity of the situation. 

Today is Day 43 of my #isolation. Yes it’s been tough, I have had difficult days where I found it really hard to cope, but I have also known all along that I’m doing this for a greater good. #stayhome #stayhomesavelives "

Author: Sohini (India)


"Tschüss! (Berlin, 2012)"

"I lived in Berlin for 5 months during my studies in Agricultural Sciences. Every morning, I headed to the Pankstraße underground station and then changed to Gesundbrunnen and from there took a regional train to the research center. That morning I brought my camera with me, because I wanted to photograph the many species of plants that were in the greenhouse. While I waited for the train I saw a scene: two elderly gentlemen exchange a few words, kiss and greet each other.

Here, I managed to capture the last goodbye gesture, tschüss, in fact. I didn't learn many words in German, but I knew this too, in fact I couldn't wait to use it and compete with those who got tired of pronouncing it.

To anyone who comes to Germany, I think this continuous swarming of "them" will remain in mind when two or more people say goodbye.

This is a very simple, fast shot, but one that I always keep in mind. If someone asked me: "what is tenderness for you ?!". I would reply with this photo: two people who, on leaving, hope to see each other again."



Author: Daniela D. (Italy)

"A space we can roam, a space we call home"


"Flashes of beauty of a city at sunset. 

I have many memories related to the last trips I made, but I chose this photo of Turin I took just before the lockdown, without knowing it would have also been the last time I would have seen it. So close yet so far apart: I live a short distance away, yet I can't walk its streets, see the places and people I love most. I miss it terribly, but at the same time I'll remember this period forever, for what it will change, for what it used to be before. I've come to believe that soon there'll be other sunsets, other good memories.

It'll all come back, it'll all be worth it."



Author: Daniele A. (Itlay)


"This photo is about a very old friend, who becoming mum in December" 

Author: Evelyne (Switzerland)


"I saw the light"

"I took this photo more or less two years ago in Monterosso (Cinque Terre), it's not the usual photo of a Ligurian landscape, but for me it's important because of its meaning, at that time but especially nowadays.

During our lives we go through a lot of difficult times, and we always look for something positive to hold on to, a light. We must remember to look for that light.

This photo shows people passing through a dark tunnel, but as they kept walking they finally arrive at the end... where the sun is still shining on a blue sea. I wanted to catch that moment, when they finally saw the light."

Author: Isabella I. (Italy)


"Find the strenght in ourselves to relase us" - "Trovare in noi stessi la forza per liberarci"

"I have a nice memory of this photo ... since that evening Chiara and I, the model, have started many collaborations. With her I always manage to express what I think in the photos. I asked her to interpret her thoughts and emotions in silence, only by moving her body. At that moment I saw a free person: just as in this period shrouded in darkness he managed to raise his eyes upwards and look at HER sky."


"Ho un bel ricordo di questa foto… da quella sera io e Chiara, la modella, abbiamo iniziato tante collaborazioni. Con lei riesco sempre ad esprimere nelle foto quello che penso. Le chiesi di interpretare i suoi pensieri e le sue emozioni in silenzio, solo muovendo il corpo. In quel momento ho visto una persona libera: proprio come in questo periodo avvolta nel buio riusciva ad alzare i suoi occhi verso l’alto e guardare il SUO cielo."

Author: Federica G. (Italy)


Estació de França, Barcelona (Spain). The excitement of a new trip to visit unknown places, meet people, cultures ... are memories that last a lifetime.

"Estació de França, Barcelona (Spain)"

Author: Elene S.V. (Spain)


" be so tiny...that your backyard is your whole world"

" be so tiny...that your backyard is your whole world"

Author: Liina L. (Estonia)


"Wild Mutnovsky"

Mutnovsky is one of many volcanoes located at the Kamchatka peninsula, Far East, Russia. Nature here is completely wild and almost untouched by man. This photo is the story of my ascent to the top of this volcano. This is a story about overcoming and about will.

There are no equipped platforms and lifts, some paths are laid, but they are often washed away by snow and landslides. The weather is changeable.

At first, the bright sun can shine, and after a few minutes, the volcano covers with a thick fog. Small craters with fumaroles are scattered throughout the volcano’s area, which releases a huge amount of hot gases into the air. There is practically no life here, except for a few species of flies. And very quiet.

But... this volcano is one of the most picturesque places where I've been. Mountain range, crumbling sand, last year's snow, melt snow streams, cracks, and puffs of white gas. Everything develops into one stunning landscape, similar to the Martian one.

Author: Marina K. (Russia)


"The mannequin"

"Here it is, the mannequin, a little out of sight, present to himself, silently, joyfully enjoying himself in representing his artistic side illuminated by light."



"Eccolo li, il manichino, un po' difilato dagli sguardi, presente a se stesso, silenziosamente, gioiosamente si diverte nel rappresentare il suo lato artistico illuminato dalla luce."

Author: Elisabetta C. (Italy)


"Winter Dreamland"

"You don’t always need to go abroad, to experience unforgettable sceneries. Taken in 2018 on top of the Kaunispää Fjeld in Finnish Lapland.

I’m not that much of a morning person, yet there is a part in me, that has the drive to haul me up on top of a mountain, 5 A.M. and in a temperature of less than -25C. Memories last a lifetime, pictures hopefully even longer."

Author: Janne (Finland)



"The title of this project is a reference to the acronym MOSE (experimental electromechanical module), i.e. the civil, environmental and hydraulic engineering project under construction, aimed at defending the city of Venice and its lagoon from the dangers of flooding caused by the high tide of the Adriatic Sea.  At the same time the Egyptian name Moses, which I chose for this photograph, derives from the Hebrew Masciah and means 'saved from the waters'. Last November Venice was wounded by two exceptional high waters. 156 centimetres and 148 in less than six hours. The water level didn’t drop, the waves and gusts, the terror of the inhabitants of the coast, the memories still alive of the elders. And the fear that the sirocco could give the "final blow" with the new rising tide. Venice is one of the cities most exposed to the rise of the seas caused by the climate emergency and, according to some scientific studies that still remain in the shadows, it risks being submerged by 2050. The climate emergency is the consequence of a series of factors that influence each other, just as the destruction of forest ecosystems and the manipulation of certain animal species have serious consequences on human life. The pandemic that has shaken the whole world this year is sending us a signal that must no longer be ignored: modern man has broken his relationship with nature and the future consequences will be disastrous if he does not do something to restore that harmony.

I will remember when the waters of Venice regained their purity, when its creatures returned to populate it, when all you could hear was the free song of the seagulls. I will remember all this with the hope that one day Venice will shine again."

Author: Selena A. (Ecuador)


"Tranquil morning on the savannah"

"I have always wanted to go on safari and in March 2019 I traveled to South Africa. A trip I will remember rest of my life and especially this sight that met me on the savannah in Entabeni South Africa."



Author: Dorte (Denmark)


"There is always a new day"

"In 2018 I had the amazing opportuniy to go to Australia with my best friend. We lived and worked for three months and a half in Melbourne and then we travelled along the East Cost, as backpackers. This photo was taken in Gold Cost.

Everytime I go to a place, at least one morning I have to wake up to see the sunsire. We were sitting on the beach, in total silence, looking at the sun, when a surfer passed near us. Obviously I had my camera with me , so I captured that moment.

That morning, with the sunrise and that feeling of freedom I felt, is one of the best memories of my experience in Australia."

Author: Samantha O. (Italy)


"The shadow of indifference"- "L'ombra dell'indifferenza"

"My first solo trip, my first RAW photo, my first photo of Rome, my first photo where I understood that people, for my photos, are a resource. I certainly could not ask this poor boy to move because I had to take the picture, approaching him I discovered that he was crying very hard. Thanks to this, I was able to take a picture that I will always carry in my heart. It's not the best, but every time I look at it I still ask myself questions and arouse a lot of memories."



"Il mio primo viaggio in solitaria, la mia prima foto in RAW, la mia prima foto di Roma, la mia prima foto dove ho capito che le persone, per le mie foto, sono una risorsa. Non potevo certo chiedere a questo povero ragazzo di spostarsi perchè io dovevo fare la foto, avvicinandomi scoprii che piangeva a dirotto. Grazie a questo, ho potuto fare una foto che mi porterò sempre nel cuore. Non è la migliore, ma ogni volta che la guardo mi faccio ancora delle domande e mi suscita un sacco di ricordi."

Author: Alice G.(Italy)


"Sunset over the City of Arts and Sciences" - "Tramonto sulla Città delle Arti e delle Scienze"

Author: Rita R.(Italy)


"I remember an unforgettable sunset at the end of January on the spectacular architecture of the arch. Calatrava in Valencia."


"Ricordo di un indimenticabile tramonto di fine gennaio sulla spettacolare architettura dell'arch. Calatrava a Valencia."

"The moonlight"

"The moon symbol of life and cyclicity .. gives imposing and wonderful scenarios to an Earth that needs to return to life!

Amatrice - February 8, 2020"


"La luna simbolo di vita e ciclicità.. regala scenari imponenti e meravigliosi ad una Terra che necessita di tornare alla vita!

Amatrice 8 febbraio 2020"

Author: Vanessa G.(Italy)


"Stay a little stronger...."


Author: Cinzia F.(Italy)


"All of this is love"

"Yin and Yang"

"There is no light without darkness and there is no dark without light, two sides of the same coin. When darkness seems to envelop you, do not lose hope in love, at that moment you can find the glimmer of light that will illuminate, love illuminate. "



Author: Ernesto C. (Italy)

"Old Woman" - "Anziana"

"The skin of the elderly, marked by the sun, by the passage of time and by lived experiences, is a heritage that would never be lost.
Each face is a treasure chest: wrinkles are signs left by the passage of time and experiences, "like the water that digs the stone day after day".
The loss of these faces is the loss of wisdom, of memory, of lives that can still say a lot."



"La pelle degli anziani, segnata dal sole, dal passare del tempo e dalle esperienze vissute, è un patrimonio che non andrebbe mai perso.
Ogni volto è uno scrigno: le rughe sono segni lasciati dal passare del tempo e dalle esperienze vissute, “come l’acqua che giorno dopo giorno scava la pietra”.
La perdita di questi volti è perdita di saggezza, di memoria, di vite che possono ancora dire molto."



Author: Alice M. (Italy)

"Serious Game"

"This is a very precious memory captured, of my daughter playing chess with her GrandDad who recently passed away."

Author: Claire (Isle of Man)


"We cross the infinite at every step and at all times we find ourselves face to face with the eternal." The memory of the splendid days spent together walking and aiming for fantastic panoramas have dusted off a friendship spanning more than twenty years, becoming a lifelong memory.."


"Noi attraversiamo l’infinito a ogni passo e in ogni momento ci troviamo faccia a faccia con l’eterno.' Il ricordo degli splendidi giorni passati insieme camminando e mirando fantastici panorami hanno fatto si di rispolverare un'amicizia lunga più di vent'anni, diventando un ricordo che dura tutta la vita."

Author: Daniela S. (Italy)


"At every step we cross the infinite and at every moment we find ourselves face to face with the eternal." 

"Nonna Maria" 

"In the discretion of the progressive dimming of the mind, everything escapes, everything is eclipsed ... The mind, with bitter slowness, awakens in a new dimension."


"Nella discrezione del progressivo offuscarsi della mente, tutto sfugge, tutto si eclissa... La mente, con amara lentezza, si desta in una nuova dimensione."

Author: Alessia G. (Italy)


"Desert Trip" 

I chose a picture from a desert trip in 2012. I was walking with a group of 5 friends in the White Desert in Egypt, for one week. At that special day I woke up in the tent before sunrise and climbed on a hill, together with a friend, because he wanted to get a nice sunrise shot. It was magic to stand up there, and after shooting we had a warm beer, at 6 in the morning. That was an unforgettable moment.

Author: Andrea W.(Austria)


"Girls from Villa Emo" 

Portrait of 4 lovely girls in baroque style. Unforgetable winter afternoon photoshooting indoors with natural light in Villa Emo, Treviso, Italy, 2016.

Author: Barbara G.(Slovenia)


"The Walk" 

"Fur i Denmark was a beautiful coast line and amazing country landscapes,that i really love!!! We have very good memories from the days we spent there,definitely a place to go back to..."

Author: Maria Fatima R.(Portugal)


"Uppsala, Sweden,train station" 

"She remembers, the last dance ,the last goodbye before the train is gone forever..."

Author: Ioanna (Greece)


"and you burn" 

"My memories inspire me to write, often poems, so here's the one I wrote after this sunset:

And so begins
the golden falloff in the west
It does release
a fire in your soul
It let's you burn
with an eternal passion
For life and sun
the scars need no compassion
Don't fear the fire

Thus the colors of a sunset
The soul goes wild
and you burn. "

Author: Participant- Muzzy (Bulgaria); Photo credit: Andreas



"During my walk at the Elbe beach on this beautiful quiet winter evening in February, I paused briefly to let my gaze wander over the Elbe this beautiful river and just enjoy it and realize once again that Hamburg is the most beautiful city in the world. "

Author: Verena S. (Germany)



"Sodade is nostalgia, the elusive emotional memory that we miss. It is an experience, a person, an episode that we would like to relive immensely, but that we can only remember with a sense of deep melancholy of the soul.
This Cape Verdean girl was the first protagonist of my graduation thesis, carried out during my third Erasmus in Portugal. Year lived between Lisbon and the "favela" of Cova da Moura, in which I spent most of my time.
Informal urban island, made up of its own laws and houses built by African immigrants who fled the former Portuguese colonies.
A marginalized place, where children play freely in the streets, where violence, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and poverty coexist. Where the air is always warm and, while walking among its tangle of streets, Cape Verdean music and the smell of grilled food accompanies the memory of the residents.
Although it is a difficult place to approach, my memories in those places are among the most beautiful, intense and important. This photo is one of the first that I took, right at the beginning of my experience, and most of all it represents the feeling I have in remembering everything I have experienced."


"Sodade è la nostalgia, il ricordo affettivo inafferrabile e del quale si sente la mancanza. E' una esperienza, una persona, un episodio che vorremmo rivivere immensamente, ma che possiamo solo rammentare con senso di profonda malinconia dell'anima. Questa bambina capoverdiana è stata la prima protagonista della mia tesi di laurea, svolta durante il mio terzo Erasmus in Portogallo. Anno vissuto tra Lisbona e la "favela" di Cova da Moura, nel quale ho passato la maggior parte del mio tempo.  Isola urbana informale, formata da proprie leggi e da case costruite dagli immigrati africani scappati dalle ex colonie portoghesi. Luogo emarginato, dove i bambini giocano liberi per le vie, dove coesistono la violenza, il traffico di droga, d'armi e la povertà. Dove l'aria è sempre calda e,  mentre si cammina tra il suo groviglio di strade, la musica capoverdiana e l'odore di cibo grigliato accompagna la memoria dei residenti. Per quanto sia un posto difficile al quale approcciarsi, i miei ricordi in quei luoghi sono tra i più belli, intensi e importanti. Questa foto è tra le prime che ho scattato, proprio all'inizio della mia esperienza, e più di tutte rappresenta il sentimento che provo nel ricordare tutto ciò che ho vissuto.  "

Author: Giulia D. (Italy)


"Towards new horizons"

"I took this photo in my first safari in Kenya. For a graduate in Natural Science and lover nature, take some photo here was unbelievable. After the rain the giraffe walked in the savanna toward the horizon with dark clouds, slowly, maybe it followed the wet weather, a life carrier in the dry savanna.

Just like the giraffe, without quickly, we will return to normality and we could go toward new horizons.

Hope I will make next travel in another place rich of wildlife for take new photo shoots with more exeperience and better equipment than 2013."


Author: Giuseppe R. (Italy)


"Feed my love" - "Nutri il mio amore"

"Nature is physicality, it is the face, it is the primitive explosion of Love ... it manifests itself in it.
Embellished by the imagination, Love exposes the canvas provided by Nature where everything merges and feeds."


"La Natura è fisicità, è il viso, è l'esplosione primitiva dell' essa si manifesta.
Abbellita dall'immaginazione, l'Amore espone la tela fornita dalla Natura dove tutto si fonde e tutto si alimenta."

Author: Pasquale P. (Italy)


"Paris in its fall colors"

Last October, I took a day-trip to Paris, one of my favorite, and by chance very close to me, cities in the world. I went there on my own just to admire how the fall colors were covering the city, my favorite time of the year. I came up with photographs of beautiful landscapes, such as this one with the iconic Eiffel Tower surrounded by fall-colored trees.

Truly one of my favorite photos I ever made, it brings memories of such wonderful views and of a day spent wandering around the city as I wanted.

I can't wait to be able to do this again. 

Author: Aurelie L. (France)


"Covid-19 No one can sleep" - "Covid-19 Nessun Dorma"

"April 5, 2020, 700 children from all over."



"5 aprile 2020, 700 bambini di tutto."

Author: Pasquale G. (Italy)


"Hope and Pride"

"Apprehension (uneasiness), anguish, anticipation. Head bent...but proud eyes that do not yield, looking up, defying the dark like beams of light. HOPE AND PRIDE!"

Author: Lorenzo M. (Italy)


"The rider"

"I will always remember how pleasant it was to watch people cycling through the city parks. Picture taken in Krakow, Poland during the Project “Discover Krakow VIII” realized by Let me Italian you."

Author: Alexandra B. (Portugal)



"In a world that moves so quickly, often aimlessly, we are forced to keep up. The moment you realize something, it already begins to change. And the time to enjoy looks, moments, emotions, becomes less and less.

But there are those who still love to stop and look at an old map."


Author: Federico F. (Italy)


"Memory of a life together"- "Ricordo di una vita insieme"

Memory of a life together!




Author: Giulia P. (Italy)

"Because there are few in the world who perfectly understand how you are: only special friends, mothers, great loves or ... pure souls !!!"



"Perché sono in pochi al mondo, ad intuire perfettamente come stai :  solo gli amici speciali , le mamme , i grandi amori o...le anime pure!!!"

Author: Anna C. (Italy)


"Dowtown Dubai Sunset"

The Picture was concepted and taken from a selected rooftop in 2015 in the eveningtime

and became a very special and emotional capture of the breathtaking skyline of Dubai.

Normaly there is a lot of dust and smog over downtown, but not at this day.

And so I could realize this clear and lightning picture.

Also remarkable is to see the Burj al Arab Hotel and the Dubai Marina in the background right behind.

This parts of the city are 20 kilometers far from the rooftop!

Author: Albrecht (Germany)


"Memories from a lost place" - "Memorie da un luogo perduto" 

"It is a point of view over Lodi taken from what was once the Vegetal Cathedral. The photo was taken in March 2018, six months before the place was destroyed by a tornado in the following October."



"Si tratta di un punto di vista su Lodi preso da quella che era la Cattedrale Vegetale. La foto è stata scattata a marzo 2018, ovvero sei mesi prima che l'opera venisse distrutta da una tromba d'aria nell'ottobre seguente."

Author: Annarosa D. (Italy)



"The photo is called Florence, like the place where I took it: it is a memory of the memory, as it is easy to understand."





Author: Luca (Italy)

"Rust" - "Rugine" 

"I haven’t been home for months. I had to breathe the sea, I needed to feed on iodine. So, suddenly, I packed my bag and I left for my beloved Southern Italy. I wouldn’t have had much time, just a few days.

My feelings when I arrive in Puglia are always so strange: I look at her, so still and so beautiful, motionless with her problems, with her colours, with her traditions. Like the Rust: mealy, fickle, pungent and serried also after a long existence.

But if you dust it with a rough cloth, you will find that - despite the rush of time and bad weather, under Her bronze coat - She remains proud and wonderful with her sunsets, flavours and airiness.

And every time I leave, I can’t get enough of feeling lucky to have been part of it. "



Author: Carmela C. (Italy)


"The street artist lives for his own art and, thanks to it, he has the ability to enter people's soul, overwhelming them with the power of the feelings and emotions that come to life through his talent."



"L’artista di strada vive per la propria arte e, proprio grazie ad essa, ha la capacità di entrare nell’anima delle persone, travolgendole con la potenza dei sentimenti e delle emozioni che prendono vita attraverso il suo talento."

Author: Alessia M. (Italy)


"Remembering your smile" - "Ripensando al tuo sorriso " 

Author: Floriana D. (Italy)


"I think again of your smile, and it is clear water for me
  escort for adventure among the pebbles of a riverbed,
small mirror in which you look at an ellera and its corymbs;
and all over the embrace of a quiet white sky.
This is my memory; I can't say, or far away,
if a naive soul frees itself from your face,
O true you are wandering that the evil of the world exhausts
and bring their suffering with them like a talisman.
But this I can tell you, that your thought effigy
  submerges whimsical worries in a wave of calm,
and that your joyful aspect creeps into my gray memory."

"In the heat of the sun" - "Al calor del sole" 

"Photo taken during a summer mountain excursion on Monte Farno in Val Gandino, province of Bergamo.
For some time I dreamed of taking this photo, after various searches I managed to find the conditions and the suitable place for the shot, not easy because it totally depended on the position of the sun and the subject, the latter distant several hundred meters from myself."



Author: Nicola P. (Italy)

"The light of the lamps" 

"At this difficult moment for everyone, I think we need positive thoughts and memories to escape a Moment and smile. I took this photo in January 2019 in Marrakech and I did not think that such a chaotic city could fascinate me and bewitch me so much. This image contains all the essence and magic that only the souks of Jemaa El Fna square can give you. Contains clothes, tradition, culture, crafts, color and warmth. Every time I look at this photo, I relive exactly the moment of the shot and it is as if I found myself surrounded by all the most varied forms of lamps."


Author: Giulia G. (Italy)


"My father's pipe" 

Travel is wonderful, exciting and invigorating.  For photographers this period of unprecedented curtailment of our freedoms is particularly difficult.  However, as we go through life it is not always the unfamiliar places and people that we meet that create our bank of memories.  These can be recreated at another time in another place. The people we meet and lose on our journey will only ever live in our memories.


Author: Marilyn T. (UK)


"Moments of a past future" - "Attimi di un futuro passato"

"The memories of a people with strident measures, strongly linked to the culture of duty and decorum, which takes on an initiative in renewing itself and adapting to the demands of a constantly evolving universe. But behind all this there is a discreet and fascinating world that still remains inaccessible."


Author: Stefania R. (Italy)

"Algid Red" - "Rosso Algido"

"The photo was taken at the Mucsarnok Art Box in Budapest during the first trip alone with my brothers. The girl photographed is my sister, represented in the essence of her personality: behind a seemingly "cold and severe" gaze there is a "warm and affectionate" personality."


Author: Giacomo (Italy)



"A fisherman and his silhouette during sunset"

"A fisherman and his silhouette during sunset."


Author: Marco (Italy)

"Beginning of a life" - "Inizio di una vita"

"The photo was taken at the first exit from the hospital of my granddaughter Carlotta. The first contact with the outside world, the first emotions, the beginning of life."


Author: Sally (Italy)

"Taj Mahal - Uttar Pradesh - India"

"Pilgrims and tourists alike visit the famous Taj Mahal - the mausoleum which is a symbol of enduring love. 

I was there in the winter of 2018, when I was invited to the weeding of an Indian friend. What better memento of love witnessed and shared?"


Author: Adriana O. (Italy)




"Fullmoon over the Chainbridge in Budapest"


"This Photo was taken on the April 7 2019 when the the pink supermoon, sometimes called a Paschal full moon, filled the night sky with a bright and luminous tribute to the spring season, shining above the most famous Bridge of Budapest, the „Lánchid“ The name comes from the Greek word for 'passover', chosen because the pink supermoon is the first full moon to take place after the Spring Equinox, which occurred on March 19."



Author: Erika K. (Germany)


1° Place: ADRIANA O.





Let me Italian you is proud to announce its second international PHOTO CONTEST!

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We’re living one of the hardest moment of the human history: we must stay at home, we can watch the world only from a window. But luckily we have our memories. And soon we’ll come back to create new ones.

Choose or create a photo who bring in your mind a memory – every your photos has a meaning, has a story behind it!

It could be a photo of a stunning landscape, a powerful portrait, a daily life catched on the street, a body’s detail, a piece of cake, an item and all the other small details in between!

All you have to do is submit your photo, provide a title for it, write a short description of the photo you’re entering.

Please note that it could be both an old picture of your portfolio or also a new picture created in these last days. It is not required to submit a new and unpublished picture.

The contest is opened to all the photography lovers/to any level of photography.


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The winners will be elected by a panel of experts + by the founders of Let me Italian you.

The panel of experts will be composed by three professional photographers, Iveta Kulhava from Prague, Adrienn Odrienki from Budapest, Onesimo Costa from Lisbon.

These three professional photographers and Let me Italian you team will value all the photos giving a vote.

The five photos who collect the highest rank will be elected as winners.

The winner of the special award will be chosen exclusively by the founders of Let me Italian you.

After the submission period closes (on the 29th of April) the judge values all the images and the final results will be announced on the 3nd of May.


This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd.


All the photos will be published in this page!



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