WHEN? 26th of September


WHAT TIME? Start at 10:30 a.m.


VENUE: Faculty of Tourism and Leisure - University of Physical Education.



Free Entrance


Let me Tell you



my Italy


My motto has always been "once a year go someplace you've never been before" because traveling is one of the things that makes me happiest, travel is everything for me, starting from the organization, the study of the destination until the return. But in my life everything is connected, because I don't just love traveling, I also love capturing the moments and places that surprise me most, with my photos, but not just any photos, I love to choose every angle, the lights, the colors and finally, a of my greatest passions is healthy food and cooking. As a food blogger I love to discover the culinary culture of the places I visit and try to make them at home on my return. My name "dolcegiuridica" was born in an afternoon of study with my colleagues at the university because another of my greatest passions, is law, I graduated in law from the University of Siena and then I obtained a master in criminology at the University of Rome and recently I started a new master to specialize in human resources. What can I say, life revolves around passions, and I could never live without travel, nature, animals, photographs and study but above all, without the love of those around me. Sharing my travel experiences means trying to make those who listen to me and those who see my photos feel all the emotions that I felt in that place, at that moment, doing that particular thing.




My name is Klaudia, I am 29 years old. I travel the world but I live in Poland with my husband and my dog.

I have been running my travel and slow fashion website since 2013 but travelling has been my passion since I can remember. At present, I focus my articles on wellness travel and destination weddings.




Let me Italian you is ready to present the international conference "Let me tell you my Italy" that it will take place in the magic city of Krakow (Poland).


Due the Covid-19 pandemic, the image of Italy has been strongly ruined in these last months: people have forgotten the beautiful images of Italy and now they have in their mind images of over crowded hospitals and infinity number of deaths.

"This is the worst crisis Italy has had to face since the end of the Second World War"

"We have no visitors now, none!"

"Without Tourism, Italy’s economy faces disaster"


"Let me tell you my Italy" is a unique and prestigious event, in the form of a short conference, that will see the participation as speakers of several popular international travel bloggers who loves Italy and as Italy has one of their favor destinations.

The main goal of the event is to re-promote a positive image of Italy abroad through story-tellings and high quality stories / images from those who really lived and loved Italy. 
Each travel bloggers will lead a short speech,with the support of photos and videos, where they will talk about their travels in Italy and love for the country.
An engaging and dynamic story-telling that will make the delegates dream.
The conference will be enriched with the speeches of representatives from Gazzetta Italiana, talian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Poland and Italian Cultural Institute in Krakow.
"Italy,beauty to share!" We want to let people dream again about living and taste the charme of La Dolce Vita.
Italy has inspired thinkers, artists and writers for centuries. From the architectural to the culture, there is plenty to talk about when it comes to Italy.

The event is supported by:

  • Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Poland
  • Italian Cultural Institute in Krakow
  • Istituto Polacco di Roma - Ufficio Culturale dell'Ambasciata di Polonia
  • Jagiellonian University -Faculty of Management and Social Communication
  • Cracow School Of Art and Fashion Design.

It will take place in the prestigious location of Faculty of Tourism and Leisure - University of Physical Education in Krakow.


Let me Tell you my Italy is also an unique opportunity to meet several travel bloggers coming from all Europe at the same time and get inspired by their words: people don't have to forget the importance and the happiness that travel give to us!


The conference is opened to everyone who loves Italy, who wants to discover more about this country but also to everyone who loves traveling!

"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life."

Are you excited to know who are going to be the speakers?  Take a look below!






My name is Kate and I’m a polish student of Logistic of Media at Warsaw University.

Since I left my job in one of the biggest corporation on the World I focused on what I’m the best in and started working as a freelancer.  Working in social media gave me a possibility to develop my two biggest passions: travel and photography.

I visited many countries but Italy feels so special for me, it’s like my second home. I visited more places there than in my  own country.

During conference I hope to make you fall in love in Italy as much as I did!


Half Polish, half Italian actress, who was born in Warsaw and moved to Italy with her family when she was a baby. For eighteen years she lived with her family in south of Italy. Then she moved to Milan, where she studied literature and theatre.

In 2001 she came back to Poland to study acting at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow, where she graduated with specialization in drama performance, having acted in both movies and drama plays.

Her passion, apart from acting, is singing and sport – especially horse riding (used to ride as a professional), karate, dancing and swimming.



My name is Dominika known as The Blonde Flamingo. I am Polish-born, London based travel and style blogger with a severe case of wanderlust.


"Why The Blonde Flamingo?

I probably don’t need to explain ‘blonde’ haha, but ‘flamingo’- surprise, I don’t love them just because they’re pink! Flamingos symbolise beauty, balance and grace. They tent to represent confidence, often flirtatious and bold- all that describes my personality perfectly! I also think our legs and poses are pretty similar, haha!

Since as long as I can remember I’ve always loved travelling, exploring new countries and exploring new cultures. My photography and travel stories have been featured across the worlds largest travel and fashion Instagram pages, Facebook accounts and blogs. I focus on showcasing the most beautiful destinations around the world and encourage woman to travel in style.

Let me show you the world through my eyes!"







Two creative souls on the go - Kasia and Łukasz - roam to create. .

We're a couple in love with travelling, filmmaking and photography. We like getting up before dawn to catch a sunrise, being in the bosom of nature but also getting lost in the urban jungle.

We're curious about the world and want to explore it. Through our inspirational photos and videos, we want to share our amazing experiences and encourage you to travel.

You can follow our journey on Instagram, just search for @creativeroamers

Hi, my name is Callia and I'm a travelholic! 


I started my Instagram Page on 2018 as a creative outlet for me to express my love for travel, fashion and lifestyle. 


I'm the kind of person who is always looking for something new and willing to explore and learn unfamiliar and different things!

To read their article: click here.

To read their article: click here.

Cassie is Content Creator and Fashion & Travel Influencer based in London.

Creating visually inspiring images & videos, she aims to provide innovative content to her international audience with a new and unique perspective.

Cassie’s brand partnerships include VISA, Visit.London, WeWork, Maltesers, Diet Coke, and Ted Baker and her work has been featured on news outlets such as NBC’s Today Show, BBC Radio, and Time Out London.

Post Conference

To read the articles click on the photo.

"Dear Gabriele and Massimiliano,

thank you for a beautiful e-mail. I am also very happy that the meeting was successful. It is thanks to you.  Congratulations on the idea and implementation. You are Great. You have given everyone present at the conference amazing moments. I personally felt like I had moved to Italy, this magical country full not only of wonders of nature and culture but also wonderful people. Italy is indeed the beautiful „dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life".

Take care!

Kind regards​"

dr hab. Ewa Roszkowska - Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego




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