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Cecilia Settimi
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Silvia M
Francesca Murgia

"Lo sapete che ormai non vi liberate più di me e dalla prima volta che è stata qualcosa di magico! Mi avete trasmesso tanto, quello che fate, quello che create è davvero qualcosa di unico: dopo che lo provi per la prima non ne puoi più fare a meno! L’anno prossimo sono pronta a riniziare a viaggiare con voi! Quando posso, faccio sempre conoscere quello che fate perché create davvero qualcosa di molto bello!"


Elisa from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"Discover Stockholm was my second project of 2023 with Let Me Italian You. Stockholm is one of the cities I've wanted to visit for years and when there was the opportunity to see it with Let Me Italian You, I couldn't refuse. Stockholm, you are beautiful and cozy, thank you for these days. A huge thank you to Let Me Italian You for giving me smiles, experiences and above all wonderful people. 

A huge thank you to all the people I met and saw again in this project, I always feel at home with you."


Giorgia from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"Stockholm really stroke me for its colors, its atmosphere and beauty: a wonderful city with a nordic yet cosmopolitan vibe. But of course, what really stole my heart were the people I found. Despite being together only for four days, it felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime!"

Filippo said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Stockholm

"Stockholm was my 7th project with LetmeItalian you. Before every trip I worry that the experience won't be as good as the previous ones. Maybe the destination won't be as interesting, maybe I won't have the opportunity to take good images, maybe I won't feel included by the group,  and every time I am not disappointed. Stockholm was the most wonderful city with so many interesting photo opportunities. As always, Gabri and Massi organised a great itinerary, including a tour of the art in the Swedish metro system. The group was diverse in terms of ages and nationalities, but all were welcoming and inclusive. Being from the UK, I am always impressed and ashamed in equal measures at the standard of spoken English by nearly all the participants. Finally,  the lectures were first class.  The talk by the wildlife photographer  left a lasting impression on me. In summary,  another first-class experience. I can't wait for my 8th. Thank you, Gabri and Massi, for finding me online and giving me these opportunities."


Marylin from UK (Discover Stockholm I)

"If I had to decide on some moments when I would like to go back in time, I would go back to the wonderful sunsets, the delicious food, the laughter in the group. And I would come back especially at the exact moment when we met an Italian waiter in the restaurant. He told us a bit about his story and I was genuinely moved. That day he had just received all the necessary documents to live in Sweden. But he missed Italy. However he seemed really happy to have been able to share his success with us.

I believe I understood something at the time, that the meaning of every trip is to be a little Home for someone in the world. Just like I felt in this group. I was Home.

Thank you, all!"


Alessia from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"Hi Guys! Discover Stockholm was such a great journey. I met people from all over Europe and it was amazing to get to know each other. It was a short but intense day, just a few days to make this experience a unique memory. I appreciate Gabri and Massi’s focus on making these days great for each one of us and I want to thank them for having organized such a great experience!"

Silvia from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"You guys always take really good care of me and everyone else during the projects and I always feel comfortable and safe around you! you will definitely see me again, I always enjoy the projects so much!!! You should worry more that you won’t get rid of me again haha it’s addictive to meet so many great people and escape the daily life for a few days to take beautiful pictures :)) And I can only give that back, I’m very happy that I met you!


Ulrike from Germany (Discover Stockholm I)

"Discover Stockholm was my second project with the twins. Excited by the one in Paris, as soon as I came back I decided I would take part in this one. And it was the best thing I could do. Stockholm really stroke me for its colors, its atmosphere and beauty: a wonderful city with a nordic yet cosmopolitan vibe. But of course, what really stole my heart were the people I found. Despite being together only for four days, it felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime. And when we had to say goodbye, it was the most touching moment of it all. I'd like to coin a name for all the emotions we felt, especially towards the end of the project(s): the "Let Me Italian You effect". It means deeply connecting emotionally with perfect strangers; it means doing something all over again just for the sake of it; it means getting started and never wanting to let go. So, to all the people I met, to the twins, Gabriele and Massimiliano, and to Stockholm, thank you. See you soon in other adventures"

Filippo from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the amazing project "Let Me Italian You," where I gained not only valuable photography experience but also forged lasting friendships. On the first day, I had the pleasure of meeting Bjorn Persson Photography , a National Geographic wildlife photographer who generously shared his unique experiences with us. During his lecture, I became acutely aware of the significance of perspective and its immense power. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I mentioned that I am from Georgia, and he revealed that he had been there during the August 2008 war. The second day was particularly meaningful as we had the chance to meet Susann LDKY, a portrait photographer who provided in-depth insights into the essentials of portrait photography. Her workshop was highly informative and useful to me. What made the experience even more enjoyable and memorable were the practical tasks, particularly when shooting models. Working with all the models during group assignments was both interesting and individualistic. We were also blessed with good weather during our time in Stockholm, with sunny days enhancing our experience. I'm immensely grateful to Twins (Gabriele and Massimiliano) for organizing these unforgettable workshops and creating such a wonderful environment and opportunity for all of us. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Gabriele and Massi for organizing those informative and fulfilling workshops. I also want to thank all of you for the unforgettable memories, experiences, and the friendship we've built. I will terribly miss each and every one of you! I truly hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again in the future projects. Best wishes to everyone!"


Lidia from Georgia (Discover Stockholm I)


"Questa è stata la mia prima esperienza con Let me Italian you.

È stata fantastica soprattutto grazie a Massi e Gabri e persone bellissime che ho conosciuto in questi giorni. Un’esperienza da rifare assolutamente. Grazie mille per la bellissima esperienza.

Mi sono trovata davvero molto bene e mi sono divertita tantissimo. È stata un esperienza fantastica soprattutto grazie a voi e persone  bellissime che ho conosciuto in questi giorni .

Un esperienza da rifare assolutamente! A presto ragazzi!!"


Erika from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"Sono partita per la seconda volta con Letmeitalianyou alla scoperta di Stoccolma, dopo essere partita con loro per Lisbona e aver vissuto tantissime esperienze e creato ricordi bellissimi, e questo secondo viaggio non è stato da meno! Massi e Gabri ci hanno fatto scoprire Stoccolma insieme ad altre persone appena conosciute con le quali si sono creati subito dei bellissimi rapporti dopo i giorni e le mille esperienze vissuti insieme! Letmeitalianyou ti regala un’esperienza bellissima, dei giorni pieni di attività e la possibilità di creare nuove amicizie con persone provenienti da tutto il mondo. Ogni viaggio con loro è un'esperienza nuova ed unica, piena di ricordi indimenticabili, non vedo l'ora di scoprire la prossima città!"


Francesca from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"It's statistically unlikely that different travel events, each happening at a different time and place, with (mostly) different groups of people, all turn out to be amazing.

But as it turns out projects organized by Let Me Italian You defy all laws of statistics. I participated in 5 different projects already (a good enough sample size for reliable inferences), and each one of them turned out to be a wonderful experience. Unqiue, enriching and fun. Somehow the Italian twins manage to create a cordial and jovial atmosphere each and every time. Or people who are inclined to participate in Let Me Italian You projects, at the same time, tend to be wonderful and fun personalities. Or both. Whatever the case might be, I'll definitely continue to participate in such projects in the future to have an amazing time, meet amazing people, visit amazing places and continue to defy statistical expectations even harder.

And I definitely recommend everyone to try it out."


Cemil from Germany (Discover Stockholm I)

"Thanks again for another great project! It was amazing to rediscover my city with you! Looking forward for another trip together!"

Susann from Sweden (Discover Stockholm I)

When you travel alone you never think at the moment when you come back. Maybe this is the worst part of the trip. When I arrived I didn’t expect so much fun and so much beauty. Most of all I didn’t think I could built a good friendship. @letmeitalianyou it’s a magical trip where you can know a new city, you can learn more with a famous photography’s lecture, you share your passion with people from all over the world and mainly you meet amazing people. I didn’t stop crying since when I was leaving Stockholm because when you partecipate at this kind of project every moment is full of amplified and intense emotions. Thank you my friends for any moment, any smile, any picture, any night, any hug, any laugh, any advice, any gossip, any sunset, any ride, any language’s lesson, any moment of sharing, any shot and any cocktail. This is @letmeitalianyou and I wanna to give a special thanks to two organizers, coordinators but above all two great friends for this magical trip Massi and Gabri . Ses snart Stockholm"


Cecilia from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"When I think of the "Let me Italian you Stockolm project" I think of the beauty and energy that was transmitted between people. Strangers who found themselves united by a passion for photography and who expressed and shared their way of seeing reality, this is a wonderful thing! I particularly loved the experience in Stockholm, a lively and modern city that we saw from various points of view, two very interesting lessons with famous Swedish photographers and portrait sessions in the most evocative places of the city. What I appreciated most, however, was the atmosphere that was created, because the passion and enthusiasm that Gabriele and Massimiliano put into creating their trips is something unique and can only be understood by participating in these experiences. They are excellent coordinators and perfect travel companions. I am very happy to be part of this wonderful family! and I can't wait to go on my next trip!


Francesca from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"During my time in Stockholm, organized by LetMeItalian and led by Massi and Gabri, I explored the city with a group of 30 people. What made this experience truly special was the people I met. At the beginning, we were complete strangers, but by the end of our four-day adventure, it felt like we had known each other for much longer. This experience not only deepened my appreciation for travel and culture but also highlighted the power of shared adventures in forging lasting connections. I discovered that it's not just about the places we visit, but the people we meet along the way that make the journey truly memorable. Through our interactions, I learned not only about the beauty of Stockholm but also gained insights into Italian culture, thanks to the wonderful mix of individuals on the trip. This experience was a testament to the transformative power of travel and the richness of human connections.

È stata un’esperienza meravigliosa e io non la dimenticherò mai!"


David from Romania (Discover Stockholm I)

"Hi everyone! Yesterday it was a long day .. they cancelled my connected flight so I landed in a different city .. but anyway I slept in my bad at the end. You all know it was my 10° Discover with Letmeitalianyou but everytime it's a special one, of course it depends on the group and we were a special one! Thanks for your smiles and happiness and thanks to our sweet twins, they "found" me some years ago but it was me finding a big treasure with them. See you the next one of course! "We spend money on travel  but we buy Joy"!

Vanessa from Italy (Discover Stockholm I)

"DISCOVER STOCKHOLM '23 was my very first Discover Project.

I'm so grateful that finally, after 6 years, I had the opportunity to join the LetMeItalianYou -family! It was a really special experience. Our group was just wonderful! It was a pleasure to meet you all!! Thank you for the great, positive atmosphere you created! And thank you so much for all, dear Massi & Gabri! Thank you for making such experiences possible! I can only imagine how much work and effort it takes to organize everything so well! And you are really doing it with all your heart, so that we can enjoy and get the best experiences and everlasting memories! And you are so warm-hearted persons! I admire so much how you considered everyone in the group and made us all feel very welcome and important part of the team.

Thank you so much for everything! It was an unforgettable experience!!!"


Tanja from Finland (Discover Stockholm I)

"The best discoveries, the best organization, the best groups, the most interesting excursions from the organizers Massimiliano and Gabriele.  And this time the best guys from different countries gathered for a trip to Stockholm.  Everything was interesting, easy, tasty, fun.  Stockholm is very beautiful and we all really enjoyed getting to know the capital of Sweden.  And I hope that we will all meet again.  Thanks to all the guys!"

Irina from Estonia (Discover Stockholm I)

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