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DATES: from  21th  to 24th  September 2023

WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden


  • Accomodation in Stockholm at GENERATOR HOSTEL
  • 3 Guided tour of Stockholm 
  • Guided tour of Stockholm Subway System
  • Photography Workshops
  • Photoshooting with local models
  • Workshops lead by Professional Photographers
  • Shooting with Local Models
  • International Attendance Certificate
  • 2 Team Leaders



  • Learn to work in an international team.
  • Lecture with Björn Persson 
  • Workshop "Portrait Photography" lead by Susanna Ldky
  • Photoshooting with local models
  • Visit of Stockholm Subway System
  • 20 photos published by Let me Italian you
  • International Visibility
  • International Experience
Vanessa Colosetti
Francesca Murgia
Silvia M
Mirela (24)
Francesca Murgia

Hello guys, my name is Matteo, I live in Como. Lake of Como is nice, but I love travel so in this years I begin to travel and discover new lands.

This wonderfull places helped me to fall in love about street photography.

My photographic passion has grown by inputting photographs also models Along with photography, I love know new people of different cultures. "NEVER FORGET YOUR DREAMS".

I partecipated in Discover Budapest 4,Discover Marrakech 3, Discover Barcelona 10, Discover Santorini 1 and Discover London 1.


Hi, my name is Cemil.

I am from Germany and I live in Göttingen. I love historical European architecture. I am fascinated by the view of Gothic churches, Baroque palaces, alleys in medieval old towns or 19 th century boulevards. Photography provides me the means to capture these amazing views, and keep them both for my own memory and to convey them to other appreciators of art.

I participated in Discover Prague 1, Discover Krakow 14, Discover Copenhagen 2 and Discover Lisbon 7.


Special Edition


My name is Vanessa, I’m 42 and I was born in Udine, in the beautiful region of north-east of Italy named Friuli Venezia Giulia, where I live.

I’m a lawyer and I love my job so much, but it’s also a very heavy-going work and so I really need being deep connected with nature and also doing something that make me mindless. I really love skiing and mountains. If I don’t find the snow, I go for trekking, hiking or climbing. For the past year I fell in love with photography and now I’m so enthusiastic to live again this experience!

I participated in Discover Krakow 9, Discover Marrakech 2, Discover Budapest 5, Discover Lisbon 2, Discover Copenaghen 1, Discover Prague 1, Discover London 1 and Discover Paris 2.



After the great success of Krakow, Barcelona, Budapest, Sicily, Marrakech, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Prague, Athens, Santorini, Seville, Paris, Valencia, Gran Canaria and Amsterdam, Let me Italian you is proudly ready to launch the first and exclusive edition of DISCOVER STOCKHOLM. It will be a unique and exclusively edition for the all 2023!

Stockholm is known as one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in the world. Its contemporary, urban appeal is balanced with centuries-old history and closeness to nature. As for the things to do in Stockholm, the list is endless. Spreading idyllically across a Baltic Sea archipelago of fourteen islands, it’s easy to see why the Swedish capital of Stockholm has acquired the nickname “Venice of the north”. It seems as if wherever you look, your gaze is met by water.. 

DISCOVER STOCKHOLM is an innovative project whose purpose is to make the participants live a professional experience for those who love photography and video making.

The main goal of the project is to valorise and promote the magic city of Stockholm, in Sweden, trough photos, reportage, videos made by photographers (amateurs and not) from different places of the world. DISCOVER STOCKHOLM wants to enrich the professional and academic path of the photographer, moreover it wants to enrich his portfolio.

The two tours of the cities is organized in collaboration with Sofia, a professional local guide,who knows all the sights of Stockholm  and will take you on a guided tour .  Exactly:

1° Tour "Old Town - Gamla Stan"

2° Tour "Ostermalm & Norrmalm" 

3° Tour "Södermalm"

Further, we will visit one of the most beautiful gem in Stockholm: Stockholm Subway System! The Stockholm subway system is said to be the world's longest art exhibit - 110 kilometers long. Traveling by subway is like traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today.

But it is not enough! We'll go to visit two of the most charming viewpoints of Stochkolm: Monteliusvägen (considered to be one of the best and most romantic viewpoints in Stockholm) and Fjällgatan (the Stockholmers love their Fjällgatan. They call the vantage point affectionately their “balcony”).

Last but not least, we will visit one of the most important park in all Stockholm: Humlegarden.

In order to improve participants’ professional and academic skills, there will be several workshops :

  1. Lecture with the internationally renowned Björn Persson 
  2. Workshop “Portrait Photography" lead by the photographer Susanna Ldky
  3. Outdoor Photo Shooting with local models in Humlegården

How is DISCOVER STOCKHOLM organized and what is its output?

The role of participant is to take photos of Stockholm’s beauties during each guided tours. You will work alone or in pair (your fellow could be one your friend). The project lasts 4 days. 

Here you are the agenda:

Thursday 21 September

09:15 – 09:30 Opening & Welcoming to Discover Stockholm

10:00– 12:00 Lecture with the photographer Björn Persson 

14:00 – 17:00 First Tour of Stockholm with Sofia (see above the details)

Friday 22 September

10:15 – 12:15 Second Tour of Stockholm with Sofia (see above the details)

14:15 - 17:15  Workshop “Portrait Photography” with Susanna Ldky at Stadshusparken

Saturday 23 September

10:00 – 12:00 Outdoor Shooting with local models at Humlegården

14:30 – 17:30 Third Tour of Stockholm with Sofia (see above the details) at Södermalm

Sunday 24 September

10:15 – 12:15 Visit of Stockholm Subway System

12:15 – 12:30 Issue of Attendance certificates and Good bye


At the end of the project, it will be released to each participant the Attendance certificates signed by Let me Italian you and all its partners.

Plus, in order to bring more visibility to the work done during the project, each participant will submit 20 photos with their credits to Let me Italian you and the photos will be published by our official Flickr & Instagram (@letmeitalianyou) accounts.

Partners of






My name is Irina, I live in Paris and I like very much to take photos around me. Before I always walked with a small camera, and now I am satisfied by using my smartphone, always in hands. I like to look at the world through a lens noticing little details - rain drops on a flower, funny shaped cloud, amused faces of girlfriends talking while having a cup of coffee, an unusual door handle or just passing near little dog. Looking for interesting details and seizing particular moments is some kind of meditation for me, allowing to keep a good mood and painting the world around with new colors. I've partecipated in Discover Prague 1.


Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm Gaia, I’m 21 and i live in a small town near Florence. I graduated from a commercial technical institute in the tourism sector.

After school I left for an Erasmus in Portugal where I developed a passion for travel, photography and an unconditional love for this country.

So i decided to partecipate at this project as it gather all these passions together.
I started taking pictures .

Then i took a photography class and now i’m here to take advantage of this big opportunity. I've partecipated in Discover Lisbon 7.

My name is Venetia, named after the Italian city “Venice”.

I am a 22 year old dental student living in Athens, Greece.

In my free time I take photography lessons and stroll around the city practicing it for myself. 



Hi are Gemma!

I'm an Italian artist living in Barcelona.

Photography is part of my art, I participated in various photography courses and exhibitions.

I love to go around with my photography machine and the music in my ears.

I partecipated in Discover Krakow 8 and Discover Marrakech 6.



My name is Marta, I'm 30 years old and I live and work in Galicia (Spain). I studied Computer Science, and my two great hobbies are travelling and photography.


I started very recently with photography, although I've always been attracted to art. I have a special interest in portrait photography, nocturnal photography and animal photography. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's my main objective: that photos speak for themselves.


I participated in Discover Krakow 8, Discover Marrakech 2, Discover Copenhagen 1, Discover Seville 1 and Discover Valencia 1.

Hi everyone!

 I’m Silvia from Milan. I graduated last year in design and I’m currently working as UX Designer. I'm passionate about creating digital experiences. I love my job!

I have always had a passion for travelling e discovering new places and cultures, so, besides design, I love taking pictures, listening to music and travelling around the world. I decided to take part in this experience to discover a new city and surely to know someone new.

I have never attended a similar experience, but I’m sure it will be amazing. See you soon.



Hi everyone,

My name is Marilyn and I am from Uk.

This is my fifth project: I paretcipated in Discover Lisbon - Christmas Edition, Discover Sicily 7, Discover Santorini 2, Discover Gran Canaria 1 and Discover Marrakech 7.

So happy to meet all of you in Marrakech.


Hi, my name is Francesca! 

I'm 29 and I'm from Italy. 
I like traveling and photographing the places I visit and the people who live there.
It's the first time that I participate in l an experience like this, so I'm very happy and exited to be part of this group. 

I've partecipated in Discover Marrakech 7.

Can't wait to live this new adventure in Stockholm and learn new skills about photography! See you soon


Hello, my name is Elisa.

I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy.
I'm an amatorial photographer but I would like to turn my passion in to a profession, I like any type of arts and I am inspired by what sorrounds me, I photograph a bit of everything but I have a soft spot for landscapes.

I would like to travel to know other countries and cultures and then tell them through my photograph.

I've participated in Discover Krakow 15, Discover Paris 1, Discover Santorini 2, Discover Gran Canaria 1 and Discover Marrakech 7.


Hello everyone! My name is Liina and I come from Estonia.
My passions are photography, travelling, cinematography, yoga. I am also very fond of meeting new cultures and new personalitys: it wides my soul and heart.
In photography its my pleasure to show everykind of contrasts: material and nonmaterial.
This intresting project gives possibility to combine all this for real adventure.

I've partecipated in Discover Budapest 7 , Discover Lisbon 6, Discover Santorini 1 and Discover Sicily 7.See you soon !

This is Alessia, graduated in Foreign Languages and Cultures, with a passion for photography, art,  theater, music and travel.

I am a patient and curious person, who aspires to work in a dynamic, creative and stimulating environment.

I've partecipated in Discover Amsterdam 1.



Hello, I'm Cecilia, 28, Architect.Born and raised in Rome, but I carry in my heart two cities where I lived for two year: Paris and Graz.I'm a dreamer, who loves to travel (even alone) and always meet new people. Photography has been my great passion for a few years to today. Thanks to her I can capture every moment, every expression of a face or every architectural detail of a particular building that struck me.For me, memories are very important and with photography I can immortalize them forever.I love extreme sports, which is why I consider myself a brave and never boring person. I love music with which I can become estranged from the world and always daydream.What will happen to my future I do not know yet, but I am sure of one thing: I will never give up to achieve my goals!I partecipated in Discover Athens 2.


I am a relaxed girl from the North of Portugal.

I work in taxation in adidas. I love animals, I have the cuttest 3 dogs.

You call call me for travelling and photoshootings, I am always available.

And strongly believe that “If you can dream it, you can do it!” (Walt Disney)

I partecipated in Discover Copenhagen 2 and Discover Valencia 1.




Hi, my name is Francesca! 

I'm 29 and I'm from Italy. 
I like traveling and photographing the places I visit and the people who live there.
It's the first time that I participate in l an experience like this, so I'm very happy and exited to be part of this group.

I've partecipated in Discover Marrakech 7.
Can't wait to live this new adventure in Stockholm and learn new skills about photography! See you soon

Hi! My name is Ulrike and I‘m currently studying Political Science and French in the beautiful town of Heidelberg, Germany, where I live together with my five roommates in a crooked old house next to the river Neckar. I‘m 24 years old and love travelling and being outside hiking, surfing or reading a book in the sun. I especially enjoy meeting new people there and having the most interesting conversations with a bunch of different people :) Regarding photography I am a total beginner so I hope to learn new things and broaden my horizon with you guys! I've partecipated in Discover Paris 2. I‘m looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm.

Hello, I'm Filippo, I'm 22 and currently studying psychology in Padua.

I've had photography as a hobby since I was in high school; for me it's a way to ease tension and get to see the beautiful and the interesting the world has to offer.

As a psychology lover, I like seeing how photography can influence our emotions through composition, certain colors, or lack of them.

I've partecipated in Discover Paris 2 and I can't wait to start this experience in Stockholm!





my name is Silvia, I'm 22, from Rome and I study Cinema and New Media at University.


I love photography, writing and traveling, and I hope this will be my future. 


I've partecipated in Discover Lisbon, Discover Sicily and Discover Copenhagen.

Hello, I am Linda , from Georgia [Sakartvelo]. 

I am an amateur photographer who is just learning. 

Photography is the passion that helps me learn more about the world and myself. 

I am interested in portrait, landscape, and street photography.



Hi, I'm Tanja from Finland. I live in a small town in Western Finland with my 12 year old daughter. I work in a department store at the moment. Travelling and photographing have both been a big part of my life always. Wherever I go, I'll take hundreds of pictures, because I just love to capture every beautiful and special detail. I get so much inspiration from everything beautiful. I love to photograph nature, food and people. I'm an amateur, but photography is my dear hobby. Lately I have only been shooting with my cell phone and haven't touched my SLR in probably a year (hope so that it's still working!). So, I can't wait to get some new inspiration for using my camera again! This is my very first DISCOVER -experience ever! I have been "living" those moments through social media during many many years, but now finally I can really join in!!So, see you in Stockholm.


Greetings from Romania!

I like to travel in the company of those people from whom I can learn and whom I can admire displaying their lifelong passions.

Even if I only admire photographic art and do not practice photography, the company of this environment and the message that photography conveys have been sufficient motivations for me in everyday life, from beauty, to technique and even inspiration for my everyday activity.

Thanks to the two wonderful people, Gabrielle and Massimiliano, for giving me the opportunity to participate for the second time in their wonderful journey, with and about people and ideas.

My name is Cristina , I'm twenty-seven years old and I live in Tuscany with my boy-friend .

My family is composed by four people: my Mum, my Sister , my Brother and me.

I don't like to practise sport a lot, I like Gym and to take long walks to the open with my Dog Bullo . 

I like to listen music and going out with my friends.

My passion is Phopgraphy, that’s why I decided to partecipate.


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