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"I still cannot believe how fast these days went by.

I love you guys, this was the best experience I had in love time...

Can't wait for the next one. Gabri and Massi thanks for the experience, it was amazing as always! See you soon!"


Martina from Slovakia (Discover Seville I)

"Thank you so much for these days and it was really nice to meet you all. Keep traveling and keep sharing experiences. If you go to Lisbon and if you need something just let me know! Portugal welcomes you. Grateful Massi and Gabriele, you guys have an incredible project here, so keep doing what you do best.

Grateful and I hope to see you soon!​"


Joana from Portugal (Discover Seville I)

"I’m really excited. I had the opportunity to visit Seville, a city I wanted to visit for a long time. I met many special people, with whom I was able to share my passion, photography, and improve it. I spent 4 wonderful days, which will remain forever in my heart!" Eleonora said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Seville

"Thanks for the great weekend. I really enjoyed the time with you. It was a great experience!"

Marina from Germany (Discover Seville I)

"One day after arriving home, it was time to reflect and remember how good this experience was. The first time in this project 'Discover Seville' and I came with a full heart, it was an experience across borders, with a wonderful group, from all over Europe and beyond. Not only did I meet and discover Seville, but I also met good souls and discovered good hearts that all share the same taste, photography. A spectacular group, led by Massi and Gabriel who were simply wonderful, where we exchanged ideas, challenged each other and surpassed ourselves, I learned a lot, I loved this experience and I hope it was the first of many others. I will forever remember and you will forever be in my heart."


Monica from Portugal (Discover Seville I)

"At the airport now, thanks to everyone, really nice trip with cool people. Hope to see you soon, will miss you. I would like to spend more time with each one but I know new times will come."


Bruno from Spain (Discover Seville I)

"This experience in Seville gave me really good times in your company. I wish everyone to capture the right light in photos as well as in life. Thanks to Gabri and Massi, you were wonderful in organizing the photographic experience in Seville."

Silvia from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"Hello! I've participated in “Discover Seville 1”. Firstly, I want and need to thank you all for the experience. It was amazing to discover one of my favourite, if not the favourite city in Europe, once again, but this time in a different way. I met amazing people there, and actually learned a lot from you. To feel included like this in such a great group, made me feel so good! It was really nice to meet people from across Europe, learn from you and of course, to discover Sevilla again, but with you all. I'm looking forward to meet you in another city!"


André from Portugal (Discover Seville I)

"Thank you, so sad to not see everybody this morning! We will see around or in another Discover. Thanks for these incredible moments and this amazing experience!"


Martina from Italy (Discover Seville I)


"I was lucky enough to take part in the project Discover Seville organized by the guys of Let me Italian you and it was one of the most beautiful experiences that has ever happened to me! Gabriele and Massimiliano are extraordinary, reliable, careful and full of energy. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to meet many guys my age and especially attend two beautiful photo workshops. I look forward to the next adventure with them. We shared words, worlds and souls and I am grateful. Grazie di cuore ragazzi, ARRIVEDERCI"


Marzia from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"I left Sevilla with a heart full of a great desire to do and grow, always trying to go beyond my limits. Full of amazing people coming from different European countries. Full of incredible views, creativity and great energy. Of unconditional love for what we do and freedom in order to create. Like Niki said “continue to share your passion with the world and overall continue to do what you love”. I want to thank Let me Italian you, Lola Perez and Marha Ruiz for their professionalism and the whole crew for the humanity. See you soon!Grazie mille per questi 4 giorni. Voi avete organizzato tutto benissimo e il gruppo eccezionale davvero. Un’esperienza che mi ha dato tanto. Siviglia bellissima e ci siamo divertite un sacco sia io che Martina. Condividere un’esperienza simile con persone che condividono una stessa passione è fantastico. Spero di esserci anche ad altre edizioni. A presto."

Valentina from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"Sono appena rientrata da Siviglia che è stata la mia seconda esperienza con la splendida famiglia di Letmeitalianyou, abbiamo potuto visitare la città con i suoi meravigliosi colori e fotografare i punti più strategici grazie ai workshop fotografici organizzati dai ragazzi con fotografi professionisti. Letmeitalianyou è una grande famiglia internazionale con voglia di vivere, scoprire e divertirsi assieme, pur essendo limitata con l'inglese, anche questa volta, mi sono sentita accolta da tutti, Massi e Gabri sono persone fantastiche, molto competenti e presenti per qualsiasi cosa...Consiglio a tutti di unirsi a questa grande famiglia perché una volta fatto non riuscirete più farne a meno. Ci vediamo presto!"

Lucrezia from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"Leaving Seville was more difficult than I could have imagined because the workshop with Let me Italian you left me feeling like the happiest girl in the world. In just a few short days I met a cluster of diverse individuals from all over the world, but we shared our love for photography through one another. Massimiliano and Gabriele truly outdid themselves with such a magical project, thank you for offering me the opportunity of a lifetime. The city blew away all expectations that I had, but it wouldn’t have been as memorable had it not been for the people I spent the weekend with. Not only did I learn so much about my camera, but I made lifelong friendships and memories! Thank you so much for the perfect weekend spent with such a diverse group of new friends. Continue to share your passion with the world and overall continue to do what you love. I have no doubt in my mind that our paths will soon cross. Really thank you guys for such a unique experience. Even in the midst of some chaos that may be going on in our lives, this weekend was exactly what I and we needed. You’re very special for organizing such an uplifting event!!! I learned, shared, and grew as a person and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. Looking forward to the next project because I’m officially hooked!"

Nikol from Bulgaria (Discover Seville I)

"I've participated to Discover Sevilla, it was my first experience and it was amazing, the guys are so kind, so nice photography workshop and an awesome international atmosphere, I recommended it."

Ginesia from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"I am really happy that I participated in this Discover Sevilla project. It has exceeded all my expectations. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. The workshops were really fun and I have learned many new things, how to take different styles of photos and how to improve technical skills. I recommend these projects to everyone, photographers or not. The organisers were extra nice and made sure everything goes smoothly. All of the participants were nice, I enjoyed seeing how they take their photos and how they edit them. Also we made some friendships for sure. I will try to join another project for sure."

Paulina from Croatia (Discover Seville I)

"First Edition Sevilla! È stata la mia prima esperienza fotografica e la si può definire con una sola parola: Unica. I workshop sono stati ben organizzati e soprattutto molto utili nel contesto. Le modelle sono a dir poco meravigliose, incorniciate da una città che lo è altrettanto. Esperienza consigliata anche a chi, come me, non è fotografo e ha la fotografia come hobby."

Nicla from Italy (Discover Seville I)

"Discover Seville was my first experience with the lovely twins who organized everything. I keep saying that participating was "the best decision I've ever made" and I stand behind every word. I'm really gonna miss everything. This has been the best experience ever in my life.  I could write the whole book about everything I've experienced there (but it would take ages  ). Being with lovely people and exploring the world together can only enrich your life and I have nothing bad to say about it. I will remember this for the rest of my life and special thanks to Massi and Gabri once more for changing my life forever. I miss you more than anything and can't wait to see you again, soon hopefully! I also had a feeling like this group was amazing even though it was my first time. This really helped me so much with a lot of things and not only photography.. I was glad to learn about photography but meeting new people and being all together was something that I really needed.. You guys are really something special. And I'm so glad that you really care about each project. That's why it felt even better, because it felt like it was a big family."

Megi from Croatia (Discover Seville I)

"I just got back from my first experience with LetMeItalianYou project. I’m really excited. I had the opportunity to visit Seville, a city I wanted to visit for a long time. I met many special people, with whom I was able to share my passion, photography, and improve it. I spent 4 wonderful days, which will remain forever in my heart. Gabriele and Massimiliano are fantastic and I will never be able to stop thanking them for giving me the opportunity to join the LetMeItalianYou family.

See you at the next project!"


Eleonora from Estonia (Discover Seville I)

"This was my first experience with the Let Me Italian You project and I am happy to have participated in the wonderful city of Seville. I met beautiful and very talented people, learned a lot and discovered enchanting places while walking around the city. The managers were always courteous and helpful. Can't wait to participate again! Thanks guys, see you soon!"

Francesca from Spain (Discover Seville I)

"Just arrived home! Thank you so much for this amazing experience, I really need it. I hope to meet all of you again in new destinations and continue to get to know each other. Thank you all again for making this trip a unique experience, kisses and hugs for everyone!"


Marta from Spain (Discover Seville I)

"Hello guys, I hope everyone has a safe trip home. I really enjoyed getting to know you all hope to see you again soon!"

Jennifer from Ireland (Discover Seville I)

"Hey guys! These last days in Sevilla have been amazing.

It was so nice to meet all of you and I'm sure we will see again soon.

And a special thanks to Gabri and Massi!"


Vivien from Germany (Discover Seville I)

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