DATES: from 23th  January 2020 to 26th January 2020

WHERE: Marrakech, Morocco


  • Accomodation in Marrakech at PALM APPART CLUB
  • Breakfast
  • 2 Guided Tour of Marrakech in English 
  • Photography Workshops
  • Photoshooting with models
  • 2 Team Leaders
  • International Certificate



  • Learn to work in a team
  • Workshop lead by Iveta Kulhava
  • Outdoor Photoshooting with models
  • 20 photos published by Let me Italian you
  • Attendance certificate
  • International Visibility
  • International Experience

Partners of




Winter Break Edition 



My name is Georg and I am from Austria. I work as a lawyer in an IT company. In my free-time - especially while travelling I enjoy photography. I'm interested in color, light, beautiful sceneries and people. Most of the time I take pictures of my family, friends and random people and objects. Recently, I did more street and landscape photography. I get my inspiration from every-day things or situations, documenting the aesthetic aspects in my environment. Most photos were shot with my digital Fuji cameras but some were taken on a Kiev 60, currently my favorite medium format film camera. I've started shooting analog recently because it keeps me in the moment and I spend less time focusing on a screen and worrying about details. However, I appreciate the convenience of modern digital cameras and the possibility to share images instantaneously.   I participated in Discover Krakow XIII.


Hi, I’m Marina and I’m from Germany.

I’m 30 years old and I work as a computer scientist. I love photography and traveling, two hobbies I can combine perfectly. I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about photography. With every photo I try to capture my view on a landscape, country or city and save it for my memory.

It’s my first experience with Let me Italian you and I'm looking forward to improving my skills and working together in an international team.



my name is Giulia  I’m 20 years old and I came from Castel Goffredo near Mantova (north Italy).  

I studing photography at LABA university in Brescia and this is my first experience I do alone and with a group of unknown people.  

I can't wait to try this new experience!! 

I partecipated in Discover Krakow XIII.


After the great success of the last four editions,  Let me Italian you is ready to launch the fifth and exclusive edition of:  DISCOVER MARRAKECH.  

"Welcome to the magical, mesmerizing and sometimes dizzying city of Marrakech! The city of joy! "                                          It will be a limited edition: it means that there will only 20 places availble.

DISCOVER MARRAKECH is an innovative project whose purpose is to make the participants live a professional experience for those who love photography and video makingIn the last three editions, it involved 110 participants from 16 different nationalities and more than 2500 photos taken.

You can read the reviews of the participants of the first edition here: and watch these two great videos: (1° Edition)      & (2° Edition).

The main goal of the project is to valorise and promote the magical and colorful city of Marrakech, in Morocco, trough photos, reportage, videos made by photographers (amateurs or not) from different places of the world. DISCOVER MARRAKECH wants to enrich the professional and academic path of the photographer, moreover it wants to enrich his portfolio.

DISCOVER MARRAKECH is supported by ÉSAV Marrakech L’École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech).

The two tours of the city are organized in collaboration with Marrakech City Tour Guide, a private Marrakech tour operator with a local experienced qualified guide who is eager to share the secrets of his vibrant city with you.  Exactly, it includes:

1° Tour:    Koutoubia Mosque - Parc Lalla Hasna - Bahia Palace - El Badi Palace

2° Tour:  Visit Jeema El Fna - Medina ancient souks

Further, we will visit one of the most beautiful garden in the world: Jardin Majorelle .The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is one of the most visited sites in Morocco.

In order to improve participants’ professional and academic skills, there will be several workshops and photoshooting:

  1. Workshop "Lifestyle - Food Photography organized by Iveta Kulhava
  2. Worshop "Portrait Photography" organized by Iveta Kulhava
  3. Shooting"Morrocon Style" with models  sponsored by local fashion designers
  4. Worshop "Urban Photography" organized by Iveta Kulhava


Exclusively for this edition, we are going to have as the main photographer teacher:   the photographer Iveta Kulhava  will support the participant during all the days of the projects.  She will offer full time availability if someone has questions or need close attention.  Iveta is a professional photographer based in Prague. 


How is DISCOVER MARRAKECH organized and what is its output?

The role of participant is to take photos of Marrakech's beauties during each guided tours. You will work alone or in pair (your fellow could be one your friend). The project lasts 4 days. 

Here is the agenda:

Thursday 23 January

09:15 – 09:30 Opening & Welcoming from Let me Italian You

09:30 – 12:30  Visit of Marrakech with Marrakech City Tour (1° tour, see above the details)

17:00 – 19:00  Worshop "Urban Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava

Friday 24 January

09:30 – 12:30 Visit of Marrakech with Marrakech City Tour (2° tour, see above the details)

15:30 - 17:00  Outdoor Shooting with models lead by Iveta Kulhava

Saturday 25 January

10:00 – 12:30  Shooting "Moroccon Style" with models

15:00 - 17:00   Workshop “Portrait Photography" at Jardin Majorelle

Sunday 26 January

10:00 – 12:00 Workshop "Lifestyle - Food Photography" with Iveta Kulhava

12:00 – 12:30 Issue of Attendance certificates and Good bye


At the end of the project, each participant shall receive an Attendance certificates signed by the Let me Italian you team and all its partners.

Plus, in order to bring more visibility to the work done during the project, each participant will submit 20 photos with their credits to Let me Italian you and one of the photos will be published by our official Flickr & Instagram (@letmeitalianyou) accounts.


Hi! I'm Claire. I live in the Isle of Man, where I'm a full-time Mum to 2 girls. I'm currently studying for a bookkeeping diploma via distance learning. In 2010 I bought my first DSLR & made photography my hobby - I'd love it as an avenue to earn some money somehow. All my photography & post processing skills are self taught. My current favourite genres are : Architecture, Landscapes, Dance and Street. I've photographed concerts for a local Dance school & would like to get more involved in this. I LOVE travel - especially to lands of different cultures and history. The Krakow trip will be an excellent opportunity for me to see a new city, learn new skills & techniques at workshops & build my confidence & experience in photography as a whole. 

I participated in Discover Krakow XII.



Hi! My name is Guenda and I'm 25 years old. I was born in Sanremo, but I live in Genoa since 2013. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Modern Literature in 2016 and my Master's Degree in Communications and Publishing in 2019. Now I'm working as a trainee journalist, videomaker and social manager. I am an eclectic soul: I can't stand monotony and I am an unstoppable dreamer. I love theatre, photography, cinema, reading books, travelling, spending time with my friends and drinking good wine (not necessarily in that order), but I've always been chasing after one big dream: becoming a journalist.

I partecipated in Discover Krakow 13.


I'm Oriana , i'm 27 years old and i'm living in Salerno (South Italy). I'm working as waitress in a restaurant and during my free time i love spend time to take photos. Since i was Young i was attracted by photography's world . I'm fully convinced that a good photograph it doesn't depend from the camera that you use ,but from the eyes and fantasy of each person ,i'm Always try to catch each single istant to enclose small but important memories . This is my first time experience with let me italian you and i'm looking forward to join the Marrakech discovery next january.


 My name is Stefano and i am 27.

I am a software developer, and in my free time i love taking photos with my camera.

I am curious, and this passion allows me to discover new points of view, new details and a new way to love and appreciate art.

I can't wait to learn more and to enjoy this new experience with you!



Riccardo, 21 years old, from Italy.

Love landscape and colors, love also portraits Addicted to sunsets and emotions, try to capture a feeling, not a moment.

I've participated in Discover Budapest 4, Discover Lisbon 2 and Discover Copenaghen 1.




My name is Edoardo, I come from Genoa and I am 27 years old. I work as a department head in a supermarket and in my free time I like to go out, travel and take pictures of many objects, usually city skyline, nature and a lot of colors. Combining the desire to travel with the desire to take photos, I found myself in Let me Italian with the aim of making new experiences and improving me and my abilities as much as possible, but above all, discovering new places.


Hi ! I am Tomas, everybody call me Pelak.

I am from Kosice (east Slovakia).

I am IT student and my passion is photography i have never been in such a course and i am really looking forward. 


Hi, there! 

I'm Sarah, I'm 22 years old and for now I live in Italy. I say for now, because my biggest dream is to be able to travel the world, get to know new cultures, make experiences that upset my life in positive obviously with my beloved photography. 

I want to become a photoreporter, for this reason I'm studying photography in Milan and also I'm studying Linguistic and Cultural Mediation. For me, the photography is my essence, I feel it as a primary need and I wouldn't even know when I started taking pictures because it is a passion that I have since childhood.

I've participated in Discover Barcelona 7 and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!

I participated also in Discover Prague last July.. see you soon!



My name is Matteo, I'm 21 and I'm an Italian photographer.
In addition to photography, I am also a student of Communication Sciences at Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. love spending my days in the Museums, Bookshops, and Movies but also in the open air by finding new places.

I've partecipated in Discover Budapest 4 and Discover Copenaghen 1.


Hi all, I am Gabriele! I live here and there, as I am lucky enough to carry my job with me ( I work as a remote IT assistant). Last place I lived in was Barcelona, and before that London, and before that Melbourne! I have been taking photos for the past 4 years, which dates back to the time where I had a seasonal job as a Tourist Photographer. Right now, I am doing a master in Educational Technology and I am also trying to find out where I could move next! Maybe Marrakech, who knows. I am really keen on getting to know you and share this trip with you all!





I am Alessia from Avellino (South Italy) and I am 24 years old. I'm graduated in Architecture and photography is my passion and my work too.

I love traveling and photographing everything my eyes see and wherever my feet will take me.

It is my first experience of this kind and I am very excited.

I can't wait to see how Marocco and Marrakech looks like!


I’m Youyoung, originated from South Korea but living in Paris to be a medieval historian. I’m writing a thesis which is concentrated to urban history of medieval Mediterranean world, otherwise I also love to travel and explore the new world. I’ve been connected to this project coincidently when I was on the road for my long trip from Greece to Denmark, also I’m really delighted to be part of this wonderful photography project.

I participated to Discover Krakow XII, Discover Barcelona VIII,Discover Copenhagen I, Discover Marrakech IV and Discover Lisbon 4.




I'm Camilla, 26 years old, from Italy. I study History of art at the University of Florence.
I'm in love with photography since i received my first camera at the age of 8 years old.
I've participated in Discover Barcelona 7 and Discover Budapest 6.
I'm really excited to visit Marrakech for the first time and to meeting you all!




My name is Federico and I’m 29 years old. I graduated in International Relations, but I’m also keen on Arts, open-air sports and, of course, photography. Discovering new places and cultures is the common thread of my life. Born in Genoa, Italy, where I currently live, I had the chance to live and spend long periods in London, Saint Petersburg, Belgrade and Venice, for studying and working purposes. During my travels, I developed a real love for photography, and, even if it’s just a hobby, I don’t lose any occasion to bring my camera with me, always trying to improve my skills.


My name is Martina, born and raised in Bratislava - Slovakia. For me the photography is my way how I can relax - Its my passion and hobby.

I love nature photography, landscapes, macro and animals. During my free time I love books, comic books and traveling.

I partecipated in Discover Barcelona 5 and Discover Budapest 6.




My name is Federica, I’m 21 years old and I live in Rome (Italy).
My greatest passions are travel and photography so, when it is possible, I try to combine these interests! I love taking pictures of landscapes and particular faces all over the world and with my photos I hope to give some emotion to those who look at them.
I participated in Discover Barcelona 8.

I am passionate about photography.

Just recently retired from a very time consuming job, I finally have some time to follow my hobby. I like any type of photography but I am leaning towards Landscapes and Portraits.

I adore light and colour in my images. You cant beat that feeling when you know that you have captured that special shot.

I am self taught and have watched countless You Tube videos to hopefully help me improve.



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