DATES: from 29th July to 1st August 2021

WHERE: Athens, Greece


  • Accomodation in Athens at  NUBIAN HOSTEL  
  • Breakfast
  • Guided Tours of Athens in English 
  • 3 Photography workshops
  • 1 Photoshooting with local models
  • Full-time Professional Photographer
  • 2 Team Leaders
  • International Certificate



  • Learn to work in a team.
  • Workshop  "Landscape Photograpy" lead by Vasilis Liappis
  • Workshop "Portrait Photography" lead by Foteini Zaglara
  • Workshop "Arcitectural Photography" lead by Vasilis Liappis
  • Outdoor Photoshooting  with local models
  • 20 photos published by Let me Italian you
  • Attendance certificate
  • International Visibility
  • International Experience


To see the photos realized by the participant of last editions: 

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Magda Barcelona
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Partners of





Summer Edition

 After the great success of the first edition, Let me Italian you is ready to launch the second and exclusive edition of DISCOVER ATHENS.  It will be the last edition for this year! 

DISCOVER ATHENS is an innovative project whose purpose is to make the participants live a professional experience for those who love photography and video making

The main goal of the project is to valorise and promote the magical and ancient city of Athens, in Greece, through photos, reportage, videos made by photographers (amateurs or not) from different places of the world. DISCOVER ATHENS wants to enrich the professional and academic path of the photographer, moreover it wants to enrich his portfolio.

The two tours of the cities is organized in collaboration with Katerina, a professional local guide,who knows all the sights of Athens and will take you on a guided tour Exactly:

1° Tour: Acropolis & Parthenon

2° Tour: The famous neighborhoods of "Plaka" & "Monastiraki"

Further, we will visit the outstanding location of: Panathenaic Stadium.The Panathenaic Stadium is the place that welcomed, in 1896, the first Olympic Games of our era. It is the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble.

In order to improve participants’ professional and academic skills,   there will be several workshops and photoshooting:

  1. Workshop "Portrait Photography" organized by Foteini Zaglara
  2. Workshop "Architectural Photography"  organized by Vasilis Liappis
  3. Workshop "Landscape Photography organized by Vasilis Liappis
  4. Outdoor Photoshoot with models at National Garden 



How is DISCOVER ATHENS organized and what is its output?

The role of participant is to take photos of Athens' beauties during each guided tours. You will work alone or in pair (your fellow could be one your friend). The project lasts 4 days. 

Here is the agenda:

Thursday 29 July

09:15 – 09:30 Opening & Welcoming from Let me Italian You

09:30 – 12:00  First Tour of Athens with Katerina (see above the details)

15:30 – 17:30  Workshop “Portrait Photography” lead by Foteini Zaglara

Friday 30 July

10:00 – 12:30  Second Tour of Athens with Katerina (see above the details)

16:00 - 18:00  Workshop "Architectural Photography" lead by Vasilis Liappis 

Saturday 31 July

10:30 – 12:30 Outdoor Photoshoot with models at the stunning National Garden in collaboration with Fashion Cult Models

16:30 - 18:00  Workshop "Landscape Photography" lead by Vasilis Liappis

Sunday 1 August

10:00 – 12:00 Visit of Panathenaic Stadium

12:00 – 12:30 Issue of Attendance certificates and Good bye


At the end of the project, each participant shall receive an Attendance certificates signed by the Let me Italian you team and all its partners.

Plus, in order to bring more visibility to the work done during the project, each participant will submit 20 photos with their credits to Let me Italian you and the photos will be published by our official Flickr & Instagram (@letmeitalianyou) accounts.


Hi everyone,

I am Anna-Carin from Sweden and I live in Stockholm.

I work for an art copyright organization.

Photography is one of my biggest passion. Writing, traveling and Yoga are the others and they are excellent to combine.

This is my second trip with Let me Italian you (I participated in Discover Barcelona 9) and I really look forward to meeting you all photography enthusiasts and snap a lots of great photos together.

See you in Athens!





I'm Isabella from Sondrio, Italy.

I'm 26, I live in Turin and I attend a storytelling school. I like music, traveling and of course photography. I'm a sunny person and I love being with people. 

I'd like to be a writer, we will see: meanwhile I enjoy the route.



my name is Valeria and I'm from Turin.

I've always been in love with travel and the discover of the new places I've never been and maybe just seen on a photo. Due to different difficulties I've never been able to do this and now that I can I'm gonna catch the opportunity. I don't know where this passion came from, but I've found myself one day with this huge love in my heart, even if there's a difficult relationship between me and photography. Most of all I like to take portrait photos. I like how this can take out the true itself of a person, and I love my subjects to be real and sincere with myself and my camera.

I participated in Discover Barcelona V.



I am a photographer and a musician from Estonia.

I have been working as a professional portrait and children photographer at the successful photo company Pildikompanii. Nowadays I work as a guitar player at the Helin-Mari Arder band and as a freelance photographer taking pictures of musicians and public events. Shooting wildlife and street scenes is my hobby. One of my favourite photo genres is the portraiture. I like bringing out the best and the most characteristic of every person I photograph.

I've participated in Discover Krakow 10, Discover Marrakech 3 and Discover Barcelona 10.


I'm 27 years old neuroscience student from Kraków.

I was also studing medicine but only for one year.

For now I work as a bartender.

My first love was analog photography and now I have a weakness to shooting during a golden hour or full sun light.


I partecipated in Discover Barcelona 5.


Hi everybody!

My name is Melania and I'm from Italia. I'm finishing the last year as a student, for this reason I would try new experiences!

I like to travel and I'm also really interested to new cultures and new dishes.

In my opinion, it is important to open our vision of reality through new lifestyles.

Hi, I’m Tea. I’m an italian girl, from Padua (near Venice), and for years I’m living in Madrid (Spain) studying a doble degree of maths. I’m a spontaneous person and I love meet new people, travel and take a lot of photos. I really love traveling, in order to discover new cities and immerse myself into new culture, obviously with my best partner: my Nikon camera.

For instance, everything must be collected in photos to have the best printed memories.

I’m so curious to undertake this experience in Athens,

I can not wait!


Hi there!

I’m Margherita! I’m a 24 years old student from Como.

I love food, animals and photography. I got my first camera the last summer, so I’m not so good in taking photos, but I hope to learn a lot of things in Athens.

Can’t wait to meet new people and discover a new city!

I partecipated in Discover Krakow 10.

See you all in Athens!

Maria Grazia

Hi, my name is Maria Grazia.

I’m 20 and I live in Vittoria, Sicily.

I love theatre and photography. I’m not a Photographer but I Want to learn a lot of things from this experience.

I've participated in Discover Sicily 4 and Discover Prague 1.

I’m very excited!




Hi, I am Yaana from Bangladesh and living in Berlin.

I did my masters in fashion design. I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager. My passion for photography extended when I started traveling. Until now I only took pictures with my phone and I got complemented countless time for it.

With all the inspiration I got from my family and friends, I am looking forward to explore this field more in future.

This is the first time I am doing this project with Let me Italiana you and I am eagerly waiting for all the new things they have to offer.


Hello!My name is Sofia. I'm 26 years old and I come from Bolzano, a small city in the north of Italy. I like travelling, meeting new people and playing sports. I love social work and I am always happy when I am surrounded by children. I would describe myself as a creative person. I love cooking, especially desserts, and listening to music. Another passion of mine is crafting, I like embroidering, making costume jewellery, windows colours and DIY.

I am not a professional photographer but I enjoy shooting, especially landscapes.

I really hope I can improve my photography skills and learn new stuff during this project.

My name is Federica, I am from Rome, I am 24 years old and I am attending the second year of the biennium of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Among my passions certainly stands out the art that has always accompanied me, I also like to visit museum exhibitions I have participated in various exhibitions and I also love to travel, read, photograph.

I love meeting new people and making new experiences.I am a solar dynamic person who is always ready to face new challenges and new adventures.

I am ready to leave for this new adventure in Athens! 




I'm Simona, I'm 18 years old. I am an Italian girl, I come from Campania.

My passion has been photography since I was born, because my father is a photographer and I have this passion in my blood.  

I can play guitar and I love music.  I like traveling and discovering new places and taking lots of photos and videos.

I am happy to be able to undertake this new "adventure" and grow both professionally and as a person.

I can not wait!


Hello, I'm Cecilia, 28, Architect.Born and raised in Rome, but I carry in my heart two cities where I lived for two year: Paris and Graz.I'm a dreamer, who loves to travel (even alone) and always meet new people. Photography has been my great passion for a few years to today. Thanks to her I can capture every moment, every expression of a face or every architectural detail of a particular building that struck me.For me, memories are very important and with photography I can immortalize them forever.I love extreme sports, which is why I consider myself a brave and never boring person. I love music with which I can become estranged from the world and always daydream.What will happen to my future I do not know yet, but I am sure of one thing: I will never give up to achieve my goals!

Hello everybody!

I'm Marina, a 19-year-old student from Lombardy.

I have been taking photos since I received my first camera when I was nine.
My passion has grown with me and now I can not wait to live this new experience learning something new!

I love travelling, developing wider world view and meeting new people, so see you all in Athens!




I'm Luka, a 32y old software developer from Croatia living in Sweden. 
Photography is my amateur hobby. I mostly take portraits and candid shots in the streets or at an event. 

For me it's about making people happy with how they look on photos. 

I've decided to participate because I want to see in practice how and why other people do photography and I think this is a great place to do that.



I'm Ludmiła and I’m from Poland. Photography is my hobby.

Since I was a child, I have been studied with passion old photos, magazines with yellow border and I have been tried to follow in the maestro’s footsteps I do photos every day and everywhere. It makes me feel happy, calm and gives a new look to the world around us.  

I've partecipated in Discover Sicily 1, Discover Budapest 3, Discover Marrakech, Discover Lisbon (two times!), Discover Prague I.



I am Daniela and I've studied urban and social horticulture, and currently I am a teacher in a secondary school in Rimini, Italy.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I love photos: my favorite subjects are plants and architectural details. 

I participated in Discover Lisbon 3 because the first time that I used a  camera was in Lisbon, where I lived for 6 months during my Erasmus exchange program. In that period, photography was a way to communicate with my parents and friends.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Athens!


My name is Paola, I’m Italian girl. I graduated in Modern Philology. Literature, like the other arts, is an expression of individual thought and feeling achieved through the creative process.

Where literature is a written piece of the author’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, feeling, etc…the photograph is the visual representative of that as well. I think that this experience would be a good way to improve my culture background.

Thanks for give me this opportunity! I participated in Discover Krakow IX in November 2017.



Hi everyone!

My name is Alessia, I’m 21, I’m a student and I live in Rome. I’ve two great passions in my life: photography and sports! 

I really like travelling and I can’t wait to leave for this new adventure!



I'm Giulia and I'm 19 years old. I come from Milan, Italy.

I'm accostumed to the city life therefore when I have the opportunity I leave for some foreign adventures! I really like travelling and I find discovering new cultures and places an interesting way to learn new things about the world and ourselves.

I've been taking photos for many years thanks to my father who passed on to me this passion and gave me the chance to improve it.

I can't wait to visit Athens and meet all of my travel companions!

My name is Georg and I'm from Austria. I am a lawyer by profession but in my free time, I enjoy photography. I'm interested in color, light, beautiful sceneries.  I shoot mostly portraits, sometimes also landscapes. I get my inspiration from mundane things or situations, documenting the aesthetic aspects of my surrounding. I shoot mostly digital but I also love analog (film) photography. I've started shooting analog because it slows me down and I spend less time focusing on a monitor. At the moment, I am trying to set up a darkroom to print my own negatives and to organize a photo exhibition.

I participated in Discover Krakow XIII & Discover Marrakesh V.


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