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"Thank you very much for another incredible experience, for your patience and especially for being so generous and kind.

You are very special and you live in my heart!"


Janaina from Brazil (Discover Amsterdam I)

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Let me Italian you  for the photography course "Discover Amsterdam" that I attended from 3th to 5th March 2023. As someone who has lived in Amsterdam for the past 6 years, I thought I knew the city like the back of my hand. However the course helped me to "Rediscover Amsterdam". Through the lens of my camera, I was able to see the city in a new light. This experience has reignited my love for this city and reminded me of the beauty that surrounds me every day. This experience was truly life-changing for me, as it helped me believe in myself and not give up on my greatest passion for photography. I will always be thankful for this course and everything I learned. I had the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world to share so many different perspectives. Even from people with less experience, I learned so much and received many valuable tips that I will always keep with me. It's amazing how much you can discover and learn in such a stimulating environment. I want to thank @nandahagenaars in particular for her excellent Street photography workshop and @inhousecapture for the great portrait workshop. Thanks to their professionalism and passion for photography, I acquired new skills that will be useful to me in the future. I'm now more determined than ever to pursue my passion for photography and see where it takes me."


Carmen from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Of Amsterdam I will certainly remember the many canals, the dancing houses and the impatient bicycles that roam the city; however, nothing would have been so exciting if there had not been wonderful travel friends with me!"

Alessia said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Amsterdam

"Ciao ragazzi! Vi voglio ringraziare per avermi dato l’opportunità di partecipare a questo viaggio, un’esperienza che mi ha permesso di conoscere persone meravigliose con la mia stessa passione, ascoltare storie dei professionisti di come hanno iniziato a lavorare nel campo della fotografia, visitare un nuovo paese e soprattutto conoscere voi. Vi faccio i miei complimenti per come avete organizzato il viaggio, della vostra professionalità e disponibilità nell’aiutarci sempre.

Ognuno di voi mi avete lasciato un ricordo meraviglioso che porterò con me per sempre. Grazie ancora per tutto quello che avete fatto,

non vedo l’ora di partecipare ad un altro viaggio!"


Bianca from Romania (Discover Amsterdam I)

"It is said that the journey never ends, but is repeated countless times in the quietest corners of the mind. Therefore, I would like to thank Massimiliano and Gabriele for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Discover Amsterdam project.  

Of Amsterdam I will certainly remember the many canals, the dancing houses and the impatient bicycles that roam the city; however, nothing would have been so exciting if there had not been wonderful travel friends with me.

This trip for me was a double discovery.On the one hand the unknown corners of the city, on the other the different personalities and ideas of the people who were with me.

Thanks guys."


Alessia from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Ringrazio i Twins e Let me Italian you per l'opportunità che mi hanno dato per poter partecipare al magnifico "Discover Amsterdam". Sono felice anche di aver conosciuto le belle persone che ne hanno fatto parte, e mi auguro di rivederle presto! Immortalare i loro sorrisi spontanei, mi rendono fiera di essere amante della fotografia! Esprimo tutta la mia gratitudine verso l'organizzazione e non vedo l'ora di partire nuovamente, per scoprire e fotografare nuove persone, città e nuovi posti!"

Irina from Moldova (Discover Amsterdam I)

"I found the experience very nice and interesting, I'm really happy to have participated in the project, and to have met so many kind people, to have ever put myself to the test and to have stepped out of my comfort zone. La città era davvero bella, un posto che consiglio, a chiunque, di visitare, ne vale la pena….molto molto belli i villaggi tipici con i mulini e le vie del centro con i canali.

Inoltre sono interessanti anche i musei come il moco museum visitato durante il progetto."


Chiara from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"I had the very pleasant opportunity to participate in the first edition of Amsterdam's project. I met so many amazing people from different countries. Moreover, I had the chance to see the art of photography from the optic of other people's eyes."

Maria from Cyprs (Discover Amsterdam I)

"My first experience with Let Me Italian You was the 1st edition of Discover Amsterdam. Words can describe how fun and amazing this trip was. Getting the chance to meet so many people from all over the world who share the same interests with you is truly priceless! Although I had been to Amsterdam many times before, this time was so much different. First of all we had a great guide who shared with us so many interesting facts about the city and the people. Also the photography workshops gave me more insight and I got to practice and improve my skills in such a beautiful city. As for Gabriele and Massimiliano, I am only grateful that I have met them! They are so nice, considerate and easygoing. I never felt pressured or stressed at any point of the project and they sure helped all of us become a big happy group of friends from the first moment. Can’t wait to join them at their next project in Marrakesh!"


Virgina from Greece (Discover Amsterdam I)


"For several years (because of the pandemic) I hadn't been participating in any Let Me Italian You project, so it was a pleasure to see Massi and Gabri again and experience in person that the spirit and the philosophy of the projects is always the same. Amsterdam great city and ideal place for shootings!

Thanks to everybody for the company, the collaboration and the friendship!"


Federico from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Grazie mille a voi ragazzi! Siete sempre una garanzia e torneremo volentieri per un’altra esperienza al più presto! Grazie per un’altra bellissima esperienza!"

Veronica from Italy  (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Let me Italian you…. Una garanzia!

È la seconda esperienza che faccio con loro e che dire… sono pronta per la prossima! Sempre stata incuriosita e affascinata da Amsterdam e appena mi hanno contattato non ho avuto dubbi! Dovevo vivere la città insieme a loro Gabriele e Massimiliano riescono sempre a creare la giusta armonia, il giusto equilibrio… posti, persone, workshop e tanto altro! Che dire di Amsterdam… stupenda!

Grazie a Let me Italian you ho conosciuto delle bellissime persone e un posto magico Sono tornata a casa con un bel bagaglio di emozioni e di foto!

Rifarei tutto dall’inizio alla fine! Grazie ragazzi!"


Federica from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Discover Amsterdam was my first experience with Let Me Italian You and I can confirm that it was one of the best I've ever had!

I don't deny the fact that I was a little hesitant at first, but Gabriele and Massimiliano immediately inspired me with confidence by explaining all the phases of the project with great patience. Let Me Italian You gave me the opportunity to learn more about photography through the workshops, but also to meet wonderful people and to get out of my comfort zone by overcoming my limits.

I am very happy to have participated, and I will carry this happiness with me forever. Thank you for everything and see you soon!"


Susanna from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

"After Discover Lisbon and Copenhagen, this time I participated in a project in my own country "Discover Amsterdam". It was very nice to walk through Amsterdam with people from different countries and hear what they like and don't like.

It was also very interesting to hear the guide's story and still learn something new. Because Amsterdam is very different from the rest of the cities in the Netherlands, you are really a tourist in your own country. I really enjoyed it again!

Thank you for your amazing organization.

I always enjoy your projects. Keep up the good work!"


Silvia from Netherlands (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Discover Amsterdam was my first experience with LetMeItalianYou and it was amazing! The group, the workshop, the city... everything was perfect! I will never forget these days, see you soon!"

Carla from Spain (Discover Amsterdam I)

"I tried to count pictures, I made for 3 days. It's impossible!

How to handle it everything?! It was more than 1000 just today!

I was watching, and watching and watching all shots of Amsterdam during my 3 hours in train. What's amazing trip & adventure! Huge thanks and hugs to all of you!  

Gabri & Massi un bacione!

Thank you for this #letmeitalianyou life!"


Evelina from Russia (Discover Amsterdam I)

"Con Let me Italian you ci siamo subito trovate benissimo, organizzazione impeccabile, si è rimasti fedeli alla scaletta degli impegni ma ci avete anche dato modo di essere liberi, ci è piaciuta molto l’energia che si è creata tra di noi e sicuramente sarà il primo progetto di tantissimi altri, esperienza assolutamente da rifare e noi sinceramente non vediamo l’ora!"

Alice from Italy (Discover Amsterdam I)

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